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No Rest for the Wicked in The Crow Memento Mori #3

In the last issue, we learned about David’s past. His family, his involvement in the Catholic Church and how he met his young love, Sarah. We also learned about the role Father Raphael played in his life and how stringent he was. In The Crow Memento Mori #3, David continues his bloody path of vengeance as he tracks down the leader of the terrorist cell that took his and Sarah’s life. 


The Crow Memento Mori #3 IDW Publishing cover A by Werther Dell'Edera
cover A by Werther Dell’Edera

Roberto Recchioni continues to do a good job with the story in The Crow Memento Mori #3. I like the mystery with Father Raphael and what part he plays in all of this. It is a nice little twist to things that has kept the story interesting. This issue is a little more straightforward with the plot and is a pretty fast read. I figure we only have one more issue to go so everything is put into motion for the big finale.

The big reveal at the end, while shocking, you kind of see coming, so it is not that crazy. The bigger questions about why and how are still left up in the air. The Crow Memento Mori #3 has a backup short story by Daniel de Filippis. It is some pretty disturbing subject matter that reminds me of The Crow Curare comic that came out a few years ago. It is a pretty straightforward short story. While the subject matter is very disturbing, the story itself lacks anything really interesting or depth that the past two short stories gave us.


Werther Dell’Edera delivers some violently delicious art in The Crow Memento Mori #3. This issue probably read so fast as there is not a lot of dialogue and most of the issue is Daniel taking out the terrorists on his way to get to the leader. Werther Dell’Edera gets to show off some great sequential art sequences as Daniel fights his way through these people. The movements look smooth and graceful and the pages and panels flow nicely together. One minor complaint is there is a scene with Daniel on a bus and this old lady’s reaction to him seems very out of place. She has these wide comical eyes and her expression is very cartoony and animated compared to everything else in the series. It was just very noticeable and out of place.

The coloring work by Giovanna Niro is fantastic. The more dark coloration gives this series a great moody feel to it.

Emanuele Ercolani handles the art duties on the backup story entitled “A Murder of Crows.”  The inks are very tight and bold, giving the story a very “clean” look and feel to it. Ercolani has very detailed style and the characters have an almost newspaper-strip feel to them which makes the story subject matter all that more disturbing. The black and white coloration with hints of red and blues work well.


The Crow Memento Mori #3 was a good issue. I did not like it as much as the first two but it was still solid. The art continues to be great and a real high point for this series. The story slumped a little bit as the big reveal was not that shocking, but has me more interested as to the whys that will be revealed in the next issue. The backup story was not as strong as the previous two issues either. The series as a whole has been interesting; this issue just slumped a little bit.

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