Review – Crowded #1 (Image Comics)

Crowded #1 (Image Comics) main cover (detail)
Review - Crowded #1
  • Writing - 8.7/10
  • Art - 8.5/10
  • Overall - 8.8/10
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Writer: Christopher Sebela 
Pencils: Ro Stein
Inks: Ted Brandt 
Colors: Triona Farrell
Letters: Cardinal Rae
Maturity Rating: T+
Release Date: August 15, 2018

The world runs on an economy of jobshares and apps, including Reapr: a crowdfunding platform to fund assassinations. Charlie Ellison leads a quiet, normal life until she’s suddenly targeted by a million-dollar Reapr campaign. Hunted by all of Los Angeles, Charlie hires Vita, the lowest-rated bodyguard on the Dfend app. Will they be able to work together to save Charlie’s life?

Crowdfunding Has Gone to a Whole New Level in Crowded #1

Ever participate in a Kickstarter? Well, how about a crowdfunding platform for assassinations? Crowded #1 brings you just that! Charlie Ellison leads a jam-packed day of odd jobs, yet nothing that is out-of-the-ordinary, until she becomes the target of a million dollar Reapr campaign to kill her. Now she must hire a bodyguard on Dfend, who has the lowest ratings!  


Crowded #1 (Image Comics) variant cover by Rachael Stott
Crowded #1 (Image Comics) variant cover by Rachael Stott

In Crowded #1, the writing is fast-paced, fun and intriguing. This series premiere already has an interesting plot and I am ready for the rest of the story to unfold. Christopher Sebela, who has also participated in Heartthrob, We(I)come Back, and Harley Quinn, has created such a unique story within Crowded #1. The concept is one that I feel could happen in the future, with some aspects of these scenarios in Altered Carbon

This definitely shows that Sebela is a fantastic storyteller. His writing is on point within this first issue. With banter and personality, the dialogue is well-rounded. Charlie is only a bit annoying, because I just want her to pay attention that her life is in danger and listen to Vita! They both fit together well and almost seem like old friends, not new acquaintances. 

When I first saw the cover I was not sure of what I was getting myself into. I figured it was going to be a story about two kids conquering something at a school or something. Boy, was I wrong! To take the already-growing crowdfunding platforms we have these days and create one solely for assassinations is fascinating. Makes you really take a look at who you’ve pissed off lately—and what if you are not safe from a bunch of people funding your death?

I was a bit perturbed about the main character, Charlie, not telling her new bodyguard, Vita, about her day. She definitely seems like she is hiding something, or why she would even have a bounty over her head in the first place?


Ro Stein’s pencils are crisp and the scenery is not too bland. Stein has thought out the panels and made them come to life. The inkwork by Ted Brandt seems normal for most interior comics. I am used to very precise linework on the cover art. For Crowded #1, the coloring by Triona Farrell is not as vibrant and detailed as what I would have liked. Though there were some great color choices that were provided. I do appreciate the lettering from Cardinal Rae. The lettering was placed to show the different personalities using different color bubbles and also showing influxes in pitch of the voice.


This will definitely be an interesting series to follow and I cannot wait for the next two on September 12th and October 10th. I am really interested in figuring out what Charlie’s secret is and why she would be put up for bounty. Also, I want to see what the next 30 days of the crowdfund Reapr has in store for the two.

There have not been many titles that I have been looking forward to, yet this one is a definite “must read.” It was strong enough to get through its premise and is just right in keeping you hanging at the end. 

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