Review – Damage #3 (DC Comics)

The Amazon Takes a Beating in Damage #3

I recently learned about DC’s New Age of Heroes. I must say I wasn’t enthusiastic about the thought of new characters who may or may not replace the existing roster in the future. This isn’t the first time DC has tried to push new heroes into the forefront of the action. For those who are unaware, the New Age of Heroes is coming out of DC’s Dark Knight Metal event. They also seem to be somewhat familiar with other heroes we have seen over the years from other franchises. However, we can always trust DC to bring in their own spin to the heroes and make it new. Case and point: Damage.

We last saw Damage face off against the Suicide Squad and he did splendidly. As stated in this issue, he took out the Suicide Squad in a mere three minutes. Only a fraction of the time he can maintain the form. If taking out villains like Deadshot and Parasite wasn’t enough to convince you of his ability, the sudden appearance of Wonder Woman to take on the new hero proves to be the accurate trial of Damage.


Damage #3 Cover Art by Danny Miki and Tony S. DanielDamage #3 picks up where the last issue left off: pinning Damage against the Mighty Amazon. The entire issue is mostly focused on their fight, which takes up a large portion of the comic. This forces Wonder Woman to get a little more creative with her tactics as Damage seems to be able to take on the Justice League member with no issues. This, in turn, leads Wonder Woman to use her Lasso of Truth on Damage which reveals to him all the different things the government agency who created him forced him to do. This also serves as the device for Wonder Woman to discover that Damage isn’t just a monster rampaging through the city but was, in fact, a human. As Damage moved towards the end of his transformation, he disposes of Wonder Woman and moves on to find a safe haven.

While this is going on, Amanda Waller is informed that she and the Suicide Squad are no longer required to be a part of the operation to bring Damage in. Colonel Jonas calls in a Hunter Squad to do the job. Meanwhile, Waller studies the Fallen Akandos’ powers to use as a weapon against Damage in the future. Finally, the Justice League are also now involved in the hunt for Damage while he is on the run.

The story of Damage #3 is good but it sadly dragged on the fight for a majority of the issue. This is the case for every Damage issue thus far. There is a lot of action with a sprinkle of characterization and side characters. Writers Tony S. Daniel and Robert Venditti handled the character of Damage well, but without an outcome. The decision of Damage to go on the run is understandable as per the story that has been set up but otherwise, no decision in this issue builds upon any characters in the story.


Damage #3 has superb artwork. Danny Miki’s line and ink work coupled with the dull, realistic colors by Tomeu Morey really brings the issue to life. The cuts and scars on Diana do a great job of portraying her struggle while fighting. Many of the action scenes in this book are extremely well done. My only complaint (if you can call it that) is many of the panels seem really busy. It sometimes makes it hard to keep track of what exactly is going on. Also, I would like to note character expressions are also spot on in a number of panels. It’s hard to describe, but there are just some scenes that are better portrayed than others in the issue.


Damage #3 is a good book with a great fight scene and not much else. The ending was a nice addition to the plot but otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be much keeping me entertained. I will always keep in mind that a new hero on the scene was able to take out the suicide squad and Wonder Woman. The writing of Tony S. Daniel and Robert Venditti coupled with the art stylings of Danny Miki is enjoyable. If you’re looking for some light reading with a lot of action I recommend picking this up but if you like more character in your superhero stories: This isn’t for you.

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