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Daredevil #10
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Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Jorge Fornés
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: August 21, 2019

Matt Murdock continues to dig himself into deeper and deeper holes as Detective Cole North might need a guardian devil of his own to survive the corrupt NYPD.


“Better the Devil You Know Than the Devil You Don’t” Daredevil #10

Matt Murdock doesn’t make things any easier on himself even without being Daredevil. He has decided to “shack up” with Mindy the bookstore owner who is also married, whose husband happens to be in the mafia! The guilt of not helping as DD has made Matt Murdock go out on the street and fight once again even if he doesn’t wear the DD mask. But with residents of Hell’s Kitchen dressing up as Daredevil, it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. In Daredevil #10 life crashes into Matt Murdock as Detective Cole North learns being the good cop doesn’t pay when everyone else is corrupt!


Daredevil#10 (Marvel Comics) cover art by Julian Totino Tedesco
Daredevil#10 (Marvel Comics) cover art by Julian Totino Tedesco

Chip Zdarsky wraps up this chapter of his Daredevil story in “No Devils, Only God” part five in Daredevil #10. I have really enjoyed what Zdarsky has done with the character of Matt Murdock in this “chapter” of his story. We are still dealing with what happened in the first few issues of DD, but Zdarsky has used these last 5 issues to dig into Matt Murdock’s psyche and bring in some new and interesting plot points.

Matt, ever the “ladies’ man”, has now intertwined himself in the Libris crime family by sleeping with Mindy. That is just not going to be good. For such a smart lawyer Matt does some knucklehead things and this is definitely going to come back to bite him as Zdarsky sets things in motion in this issue with that plotline. I am also enjoying this evolving character in Detective Cole North. First set up to be a foil to Daredevil, now it seems he is learning that being the good cop in Hell’s Kitchen might be his downfall. Zdarsky has done some interesting things with this character and has grown him in good directions. After Daredevil #10 I am excited to see how he changes.

The big thing is Matt Murdock still not being Daredevil. He has come back to his vigilante roots in the previous issue but he does not wear the mask. Zdarsky does a great job of showing Matt’s “Catholic guilt” struggle. He feels guilty about accidental killing a criminal, vowing to his friends to put down the mask. He is guilty over questioning his faith and knowing he can help but not. Plus now other people are putting on the DD mask and putting themselves in danger. It is great little character work from Zdarsky.


Daredevil #10 has another art change as Jorge Fornés and Jordie Bellaire come on board. This has been the biggest struggle for me on this current Daredevil run. The frequent art changeups. The series first started with Marco Checchetto and Sunny Gho it was fantastic. Checchetto has an excellent more “realistic” styling that fit this little hard edge story Zdarsky has been painting. After the fifth issue, a new artist came on board and sadly, for me, the quality just didn’t feel up to par. Now we have a new art team on board before Checchetto and Gho come back on board.

Jorge Fornés style reminds me a lot of David Aja, one of my favorite artists. The inking is a little thicker and maybe not as dynamic in structure but it definitely is in the same vein. While still a little more “cartoony” than Checchetto, it still works for the story at hand. I really enjoyed Fornés’ animated facial expressions in Daredevil #10 and his great use of body language throughout. There is a lot of action in this issue and, while I wish it was a tad bit more “lively”, it still looks really good.

You can’t ask for a better colorist than Jordie Bellaire, and she works some good magic in this issue. She tones down the color palette a little using a little “flatter” feeling color to fit the story and style of Jorge Fornés. I like how she bathes some of the action panels in a red hue to heighten the intensity of the fights.


Daredevil #10 wraps up the “No Devils, Only God” storyline. Zdarsky has opened up some new and very interesting plot points that have kept me engaged. I like where this issue leaves off for both Matt Murdock and Detective Cole North. The art is definitely a step up from what it has been; while not exactly a “perfect fit” for the story, I still enjoyed the visuals throughout the issue. I am very excited to see that Checchetto and Gho are coming back with the next issue!


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