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Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Marco Checchetto
Colorist: Nolan Woodard
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Release Date: November 6, 2019


Daredevil goes back to his Ninja roots to do some training with Elektra, while the Kingpin may have ended his political career and life with one angry, violent outburst.

Going Back to Your Roots in Daredevil #13

Matt Murdock cannot give up his vigilante ways and Hell’s Kitchen is suffering without its true guardian devil. Murdock must get back to his roots, his true training, if the mistakes that led to a criminal’s death are not to be made again. But, with Matt’s original mentor Stick not around, who could get Daredevil in top form? The one and only Elektra! That is who. Daredevil goes back to ninja school in Daredevil #13.

Not only that, but Wilson Fisk has dug himself into a hole. His violent temper, that he has subdued and controlled to become the mayor of New York City, has burst to the surface at the worst possible time, against the worst possible person. He has killed a high-ranking aristocrat, Ty Nichols, after being mocked. Is this the end of Mayor Fisk? How will the former Kingpin of Crime get out of this one?


Daredevil #13 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Julian Totino Tedesco
Daredevil #13 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Chip Zdarsky has certainly picked up the story with the previous issue and Daredevil #13. It has gotten vastly more interesting with the end of this issue. This felt like a kung-fu movie and crime/mob show all wrapped into one. We get some great training sequences between Daredevil and Elektra that Zdarsky lets flow fantastically well. I can’t remember exactly what the continuity is between the two now after Secret Wars a few years ago. But Zdarsky doesn’t let that tone down the vast history between the two.

I enjoyed the Wilson Fisk part of the story as well. It was all very dramatic and precise. Zdarsky did a wonderful job of ratcheting up the tension of the scenes of Wilson Fisk panicking after killing Ty Nichols in the bathroom. Zdarsky sets it up well and does a good job of letting the reader “feel” the tension in the story.

I am also very much enjoying the continuing development of the Detective Cole North character. Zdarsky has brought him along well the past 13 issues and in Daredevil #13 we may start to see a new side to him. Also, there is a great turn for “The Owl” in this issue that makes him into a great villain for the series.


It has been great having Marco Checchetto back on this series for the past few issues. He shone in the first arc and the book has suffered with some sub-par art since then. Checchetto shines once again in Daredevil #13 with some tremendous artwork. His clean, detailed stylings fit perfectly with the more “hard-boiled” street-level theme of the story. He adds great little details throughout the issue. His character work is fantastic as everyone looks unique and individual.

He also does a great job on action sequences as well. I loved the scenes of Daredevil training with Elektra and fine-tuning his radar sense. It is well paced and looks fantastic. He has some delightful panel structure and setups in those scenes. He does some fantastic visual story telling throughout the issue.

Nolan Woodard is a colorist I haven’t seen before, but he seems to fit Checchetto’s style well. He has a little brighter textured style that looks good on the pages. I like that he gives a textured look and gives almost a dirty texture to the characters. Except for Elektra; that is the only thing that bugged me a little. All the characters have a bit of texture to them with a little rough-edged or dirty look, but Elektra’s costume and face are pristine. That is the only thing that felt a little off.


Daredevil #13 is a great issue for the series and it has brought it back to form for me. I was getting a little bored with it during the previous story arc. The art wasn’t great and I was getting a little bored with the story. Zdarsky has picked up the pace and has brought in some very interesting developments in this issue and the previous one. Having Checchetto back on the series is also great for the series, as he brings a wonderful unique styling to it.

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