Review – Daredevil #18 (Marvel Comics)

Gwen Stacy Variant Cover by Paolo Rivera
Daredevil #18
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Daredevil #18

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Jorge Fornés
Colorist: Nolan Woodard
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: February 19, 2020

With criminals fighting over who will take over Hell’s Kitchen and the cops staying out of the way the City is in dire need of a hero, Matt Murdock has put down the mask of Daredevil but still must protect his home.


“Through Hell Part 8” Daredevil #18

Things are not looking good for Hell’s Kitchen in Daredevil #18. The battle between the Libris crime family and the Owl to take over control of the city has reached a boiling point. With Hammerhead recently taken out the two crime groups wrestle for control. The Owl pushed the Libris mob family to a breaking point by kidnapping the granddaughter of the head of the family Izzy Libris. Now it is an all out mob war between the two groups. This is all falling into the plans of the Stromwyn siblings. The super-rich family wants Hell’s Kitchen destroyed and are keeping the cops out of the mix and have taken Kingpin out. They are waiting for Hell’s Kitchen to implode to take it over themselves.

Matt Murdock has put down the mask of Daredevil, but has decided he cannot sit and watch his city, his home be destroyed. He may not be Daredevil but he can still fight. Now with unlikely ally Detective Cole North by his side can they save Hell’s Kitchen or is it already to far gone to be brought back?


Daredevil #18 Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco
Main Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Chip Zdarsky is very quietly writing a Daredevil epic, which is quite a thing knowing what an eccentric personality he is! Ever since re-launching the series with Daredevil #1 Zdarsky has been building up this story. Daredevil #18 just being part 8 of this bit of the story. Now it has had its lulls in the middle, but this past story arc has really built up the momentum and Zdarsky has done a fantastic job of putting different pieces of his story in play at different times and now bringing it all together.

Zdarsky has done a good job of bringing Matt Murdock to a different dark place. Throughout different comic book runs Matt Murdock is infamous for being the down and out hero. Always at the bottom and rising back up. That is what makes Daredevil one of my favorites his constant struggle with what he does and how he always steps back up. Zdarsky has put an interesting twist on that story and has made this Daredevil series a wonderful slow burn for readers.

He has also added some great characters to the Daredevil lore. Detective Cole North has turned into a great ally for our blind hero. The introduction of the Libris family and Matt’s affair with Mindy Libris along with their struggle to take back over Hell’s Kitchen has made some unique story points. Also turning the Owl into a ruthless mob boss has made his character more threatening. The Stromwyns has added an underlying bigger threat than anyone really knows. Which adds a bit more of a threat to everyone in the series.


The series has seen a few different rotating artists. Daredevil is at its peak when Marco Cheechetto is on the scene, but Jorge Fornés is no slouch and he brings some delightful visuals to Daredevil #19. Jorge Fornés has that style that fits in-between being realistic, yet a bit more animated as well. His linework adds a lot of wonderful “texture” to characters giving them a more “realistic” feel. The coloring work by Woodard adds for a little more animated feel. It balance out the work of Fornes well.

Daredevil #19 flows nicely from a visual storytelling perspective. Though I do wish at times scenes had a bit more “movement to them. Fornés does do a great job of capturing the story unfolding in in-front of us. There is a fantastic scene of Matt doing a back-flip/dive off a water tower in Daredevil #19. It captures the “man without fear” persona of the character. There is this “care free-ness” given off in that scene that shines through. The grace of Matt’s movement and the look on his face is captured perfectly by the art team.


Daredevil #19 is another great building block into this epic story. This series seems to be sneaking under the radar a bit. I don’t hear much chatter about it, but it should not be overlooked. The creative team has added some new and interesting dynamics into Matt Murdock’s story. While it is treading very familiar ground for Daredevil it adds in a unique perspective and tweaks to make it original and gripping as the story continues to progress.

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