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Daredevil #21
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Daredevil #21

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Marco Checchetto
Colorist: Mattia Iacono
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: July 22, 2020

Matt Murdock: hero, lawyer, friend, boyfriend, murderer? It is time for Daredevil to turn himself in. What will his day in court hold for the devil of Hell’s Kitchen?


The Devil’s Due Daredevil #21

In the previous issue of Daredevil Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk stood toe-to-toe, but like never before. They fought “together” to save Hell’s Kitchen from the Stromwyns’ attack. They fought off Owlsley, Bullseye, Crossbones, Rhino, Stilt-Man, and others to save the city they both love. Now, in Daredevil #21, Matt Murdock knows he must face up to his crimes. He turns himself in for murder. As Detective Cole North reluctantly brings Daredevil in, what will happen to the devil of Hell’s Kitchen?

Daredevil #21 (Marvel Comics) cover by Marco Checchetto
Daredevil #21 (Marvel Comics) cover by Marco Checchetto

The ballad of Chip Zdarsky’s Matt Murdock continues in Daredevil #21 as Matt Murdock makes a decision that will affect the rest of his life. Though he has donned the scarlet costume as Daredevil once again and saved Hell’s Kitchen for the umpteenth time, as a lawyer and Catholic Christian he knows he must atone for his sin of murder (see issue #1). Matt has made a new friend in Detective Cole North, and Foggy Nelson is always by his side, but it is time for DD to pay for his crime.


Chip Zdarsky is really writing a Daredevil ballad here. We are 21 issues deep into his run now, which is pretty crazy for a “big two” comic this day and age. He has been weaving this storyline since the start, with Daredevil seemingly killing a guy with a punch. Now that Daredevil has defended Hell’s Kitchen, it is time to turn himself in.

Zdarsky has taken us on some twist and turns through this run, setting up the Stromwyns as a new “behind the scenes” threat. It was also fun to see how he kind of teamed up the Kingpin and Daredevil. Daredevil #21 is the start of a new story arc for the series and this issue is more of a wind-down issue after the explosive issue #20. 

Lots of setting up in this issue, with Daredevil turning himself in for murder. Zdarsky starts to set up new “players” and some things from previous issues come to light. It is a strong “cool down” issue that sets up a lot, but it is more of another piece to a bigger puzzle story that will leave you with more questions than answers.


Can’t really complain when Marco Checchetto is on art. He continues to shine in Daredevil #21. We finally get to see Checchetto draw Daredevil in his classic red costume again, and it is a beautiful sight to see! He captures it so well. He also does great character acting in this issue. Again, Daredevil #21 is a big set-up issue, so not much “action” wise happens. A lot of talking and getting story points in place. Checchetto does a great job of getting the reader “in there” with the characters and making the story still a visual treat.

Also, I said this in another review as well, but I love how Checchetto draws Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. He captures that hulking size beautifully. It is the way he should always be depicted. 

Great coloring work via Mattia Iacono as well in Daredevil #21. Iacono does a fantastic job of adding nice color detail to Checchetto’s more realistic styling. Again, that red Daredevil costume looks tremendous with Iacono’s coloring. There is a wonderful scene of Daredevil standing with his mask off that is beautifully done: face tilted downward in the shadows with his hair falling down. Just the body position for the scene, the coloring, everything works great for a nice visual.


I liked Daredevil #21 and it has me excited for this new story arc. The art, as usual, with Checchetto and Iacono is fantastic. Some splendid visuals throughout this issue. You can’t really go wrong with this art team.

I am, at times, and can also see why some fans may be, a bit frustrated with Daredevil #21. We are again left with more questions than answers, and it does seem that this storyline is dragging on a bit. I am interested, and every time I think I am over it Zdarsky pulls me back in, but at times I am kind of waiting for something new to happen, as well.


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