Review – Daredevil #600 (Marvel Comics)

Daredevil Challenges Mayor Fisk in Daredevil #600

The Mayor Fisk story arc comes to its explosive conclusion in the landmark issue Daredevil #600! Daredevil has a plan to take down the Kingpin before he ruins the “Big Apple.” For his plan to work he is going to need some help. Luckily, New York City has a plethora of masked vigilantes at its disposal. With the help of his fellow heroes, Daredevil swoops into action. Meanwhile, Blindspot finally settles his score with The Muse. Not everyone makes it out alive and nothing stays the same in Daredevil #600!


Daredevil #600 Cover Art by Dan MoraCharles Soule has been building the foundations for this issue since his run started. The Muse, Blindspot, and Matt’s battle to have superheroes testify in court come to a point in Daredevil #600. Soule has done a wonderful job plotting this story for the long run and letting everything build up slowly. I enjoyed the fight between The Muse and Blindspot. It had a lot of emotion in it and felt like a great crescendo to their ongoing battle. I won’t spoil anything, but the ending caught me off guard. While I have my issues with it, it does have me very excited for issue #601 to see what happens.

The backup story by Christos Gage is a nice “love letter” to Foggy Nelson. Foggy has not been given much love here recently it seems, and it was nice to give him a little spotlight.


Ron Garney was on fire in this issue, as the pages look fantastic. He has some superb panels throughout Daredevil #600. The fight between Blindspot and Muse is great because the structure of his panels in those scenes pace it superbly well. I love Garney’s shots of all the other New York superheroes, and it really makes me want to see him on a book with another one of them. His more sketchy rough style fits well with all these “street level” heroes. Matt Milla continues to do an exceptional job on colors. He gives this lighter hue to some “flashback” scenes that looks wonderful. There is one scene with all of our heroes on top of a building and everything is blacked out except for their costumes that look absolutely amazing. It is a beautiful piece of work.

Mike Perkins and Andy Troy handle the art duties on the backup story. I was a big fan of their work on Ed Brisson’s Iron Fist run, so it was great to see them bring that realistic tight lined style to this short story. It was nice to see them take on some classic scenes and scenarios throughout Daredevil’s history.


Daredevil #600 wraps up the Mayor Fisk story arc but opens up another can of worms in the process. Soule opens up another chapter in Matt Murdock’s life and brings him into a new messy situation in the process. Garney wraps up his run with DD in dramatic fashion with some spectacular artwork. Some surprising things take place in Daredevil #600 and will definitely have fans talking until the next issue. Horn Head has a plan to stop Mayor Fisk but, like most plans, this does not go off without a hitch and DD may need to have some back up in Daredevil #600.

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