Review – Daredevil #603 (Marvel Comics)

It’s Always Ninjas in Daredevil #603

A lot has happened in Matt Murdock’s life since Daredevil #600. He succeeded in stopping Wilsons Fisk from becoming Mayor but not in a superhero way.  More in the “undead ninja clan The Hand attacking the city and taking out Fisk” type of way. It seems his protégé, Blindspot, made a deal with the demon leader of The Hand (“The Beast”) to get the extra strength to defeat The Muse.  But by not killing him he broke the deal. Well, you know how demons are with their deals so now all hell has broken out in New York City. One thing Daredevil knows how to do is deal with The Hand, but he is not so familiar with being the Mayor. In Daredevil #603 Matt Murdock goes to desperate measures to keep his city safe!


Charles Soule continues to do some fun things with DD while putting him through his old tropes. Since the 1980’s Matt Murdock has been dealing with ninjas and here he is back at it again. I was not super stoked to see The Hand back in action but having Murdock as the mayor of New York City puts a little different twist on the situation. With the city being placed on lockdown and Ninja’s everywhere it has put Matt Murdock as Mayor in dire straits. How does he keep the city safe and run it while also fighting as Daredevil?

Daredevil #603 Cover Artist Chris Sprouse
Daredevil #603 Cover Artist Chris Sprouse

Soule has brought Foggy Nelson back into the fold and it is personally my favorite part of this new arc. It is great to see the buddies back together and on the same side. Soule writes Foggy well and having him back by Daredevil side is a lot of fun.


Mike Henderson does some fantastic work on Daredevil #603. I am not super into how he draws Matt Murdock’s face.  It looks off, maybe too angular or something looks strange about it. That being said everything else looks fantastic. The opening scene with a character that will remain nameless for spoiler reasons looks great. Everything looks so smooth and tight.  It is a really great action piece to open the comic with. Henderson also draws a wonderful looking Foggy Nelson, Henderson catches his persona perfectly. Henderson does some delightful cartooning with characters facial expressions.  They have a nice exaggeration to them that works well with the story.

Matt Milla’s colors also work extremely well in Daredevil #600. He sets the tone for the series with a mix of dark and light colors. It is dark enough to not be too bright or “playful” but not so dark that it feels “moody” or taking itself too seriously. It is just a nice mix of the two that fits well with the tone of the story.


Daredevil #603 continues Matt Murdock’s struggle of juggling being Mayor and Daredevil at the same time. The Hand attacking has not made anything any easier for “The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen”. For me, this current story arc of Daredevil is stuck in the middle. It is not terrible or bad, then again it is not the greatest thing ever either. It does different things while doing the same thing which is what most ongoing superhero comics do. It does have me coming back each month so, there is something to that.

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