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Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Phil Noto
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: August 22, 2018

It is not enough that The Kingpin weaseled his way into becoming Mayor of NYC now Matt Murdock’s made up twin brother has some how become real!


“Twins” Daredevil #607

Matt Murdock’s life has been pretty crazy lately. Wilson Fisk has become Mayor of New York City; Matt was deputy Mayor for a while. The Hand showed up and attempted to kill Fisk and Matt became Mayor of NYC for a short while. The Hand along with the Demon “The Beast” tried to take over NYC only to be thwarted by Daredevil and a secret sect of Warrior Catholic Priest known as the Order of the Dragon. Matt decided it was best to step out as deputy Mayor once Fisk came back so he could focus on exposing Kingpins fraud in winning the election. He even got a whole super group together to do this! But now his twin brother Mike Murdock has showed up. Oh, Matt doesn’t have a twin brother that was an identity he made up a long time ago. So why is Matt Murdock meeting up with his fictional twin brother in Daredevil #607?


Just when you think DD’s life is getting back to normal, things get weird again. Daredevil was back to his street fighting roots battling Hammerhead and then his made-up twin brother shows up! Charles Soule continues to bring some interesting old/new things into Matt Murdock’s life. If you don’t know about ole Mike Murdock Daredevil #607 explains it pretty well in a two page spread, if you want more detail you can read here.

I am not 100% certain how Soule is going to tie this in with the ongoing story. With issue #606 it looked like we were going straight into Matt trying to get Kingpin out of office. Daredevil even got a team of Frank McGhee, Reader and Cypher together to expose the Kingpin. Now it seems we are going to be side tracked with this whole Mike Murdock thing. It is interesting and funny situation while Soule explains how Mike came to life in Daredevil #607 I am not sure how this will tie in. For now it seems like just an odd side story.

That is not to say Daredevil #607 is not a fun read. Soule makes it very enjoyable and an interesting tale. It has a delightful flow or rhythm to it, part of that has to do with Phil Noto’s art.  The story as a whole just has a “beat” to it that is just amusing and all around enjoyable.

Daredevil 607Art

Phil Noto’s art is just a pleasure to look at. The last place I remember seeing his sequential art was in a Ghost Rider one-shot a few months ago, so it is great to see him as the regular artist on Daredevil for a while. I love Noto’s almost painter like style, his art is very unique and instantly recognizable. His softer colors and almost throwback feel he gives to characters is fantastic. I love his work on characters faces as well. He gets some really superb detail in them and makes everyone an individual in small nuanced ways.

Noto’s sequential art work is stellar as well. It would seem his more “pin-up” style art work would not work so well in sequential story telling, but it does. He keeps the same amount of detail while delivering some great movement and energy across the pages. There is a wonderful two-page spread in Daredevil #607 explaining who/what Mike Murdock is. Noto does a tremendous job on it, placing Mike and DD’s heads in the middles and surrounding it with panels of Mikes “life”. The colors pop and the images are just fantastic the way they are laid out and depicted. Just all around a truly superb piece of artwork.


I am not really sure of the purpose of Daredevil #607 is story wise. It seems like a very odd placement for this story line right in the middle of what was happening, but it is also a lot of fun. Soule brings a little levity to the life of DD by bringing back one of the oddest things Daredevil has ever done. It is also hard to complain when you got some magnificent Phil Noto art to look at. His bright colors and classic feeling style, coupled with this odd story line gives Daredevil #607 this delightful rhythm, that while you may not completely understand the who, what, where or why it is very hard not to enjoy!




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