Review – Daredevil #610 (Marvel Comics)

Daredevil #610 (Marvel Comics) cover (detail) by Phil Noto
Daredevil #610
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Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Phil Noto
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowels
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: October 31, 2018

A new enemy attacks Daredevil and his team as they come closer to revealing how Fisk stole the election! And what does Elektra have to do with all this? Daredevil’s life never slows down.


Death of Daredevil Continues in Daredevil #610

At the end of Daredevil #609, Matt Murdock got quite the surprise as Elektra showed up once again in his life! Now in Daredevil #610 Matt Murdock must find out what Elektra’s motivations are. Can she be trusted to help take down Mayor Fisk? Why did she suddenly just show up? As Matt and his team set their plan in motion to finally bring Wilson Fisk down things get hairy. A new enemy rears his head once again and whomever it is maybe more deadly than Daredevil could have ever imagined!


Daredevil #610 (Marvel Comics) cover by Phil Noto
Cover by Phil Noto

Charles Soule started his “Death of Daredevil” storyline in Daredevil #609. This is Soule’s “swan song” after a long tenure on “the man without fear.”  After being hit by a truck while saving a child, Matt Murdock barely survived, and now he has put his team of Cypher, Reader and Frank McGee into overdrive to stop Wilson Fisk. Elektra showing up and this new villain on the prowl have only complicated things in Daredevil #610.

I am not sure what to make of Charles Soule’s story in Daredevil #610. It is in the middle of his final story arc, so it is still setting things up, but it also feels a little muddled as well. The addition of Elektra really does nothing in Daredevil #610; it seems she was just added for no real rhyme or reason. How Soule is also going to wrap this up in 2 more issues is quite a conundrum, as not too much really happens in this issue to further the story.

I do continue to really like Charles Soule’s writing of Daredevil in a “team.” The Reader continues to be a fun character that Soule gets some great bits out of. His continued use of Frank McGee has also been very well done. Soule makes Daredevil work pretty well on a team and makes for a good dynamic between characters.


Phil Noto continues on art duties in Daredevil #610. While Noto’s art is tremendously good and beautiful to look at, I am not 100% sold on it for this series. His “painterly” style does not seem to fit the more action-oriented scenarios in Daredevil #610. Things get a little murky when the characters are not “standing still” or talking with each other. I would like some more dynamic layouts on the action-oriented scenes as well, instead of the way it is structured.

All that being said, Phil Noto still does some fantastic work in Daredevil #610. His style is immediately recognizable and it works superbly well on the slower scenes of the issue. The start of Daredevil #610 with Matt Murdock and Elektra “meeting up” is fantastically well done. His characters are detailed and poised. He also does some tremendous coloring work, adding some nice blues and purples mixed with reds. It makes for a wonderful visual display to start off the issue.


Supposedly Daredevil will die in two more issues; most comic book fans will take this with a grain of salt, but who knows! Daredevil #610 makes for an interesting issue in the saga. Soule pushes the story forward but it still feels only a little bit further from where we left off last time. Phil Noto’s art is good, but it feels “off” for this story arc. Daredevil #610 is a middle-of-the-road issue for the story arc. It is not bad, but at the same time, it not as intriguing as Daredevil dying should be. 

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