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Daredevil #612
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Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Phil Noto
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: November 28, 2018

Daredevil has cheated death many times over his superhero career, but no one can cheat death forever and it seems Matt Murdock’s time is up in Daredevil #612!


“Die, Dead, Enough” Daredevil #612


The epic finale to Charles Soule’s run on Daredevil is here with Daredevil #612. Since being hit by a truck saving a pedestrians life four issues ago and nearly dying Matt Murdock has been more driven than ever. He knows Kingpin rigged the Mayoral election of New York to win; he and his team just have to prove it. But with Bullseye gunning for him, the new assassin Vigil popping up everywhere and now his “brother” Mike Murdock in the mix again it is not going to be easy. Is this truly the last time we see The Man Without Fear dance across the skyline of Hell’s Kitchen?


Daredevil #612 Virgin Variant by Bill Sienkiewicz
Daredevil #612 Virgin Variant by Bill Sienkiewicz

As noted this is the end of Charles Soule’s 5-year run on Daredevil. I know Marvel could have not made that any easier by renumbering the run to Legacy numbering. Soule started with a relaunch of Daredevil #1 after Secret Wars in 2015 and that numbering stuck until issue number #28 where Marvel wanted the Legacy numbering and then started with issue #595. So, that is how we got to Daredevil #612.

For the most part, I have enjoyed Soule’s run on DD. Obviously, Soules himself being a lawyer helped bring a little more “realism” to that aspect of Matt’s life. But Soule struck a good balance on Daredevil. Bringing in new and old things alike. I enjoyed his voice as well, he gave a gave DD a nice in-between the downtrodden depressed Matt Murdock we all know and the happy go lucky Daredevil Mark Waid made popular.

Let us get to the issue at hand Daredevil #612. The swan song for Soule’s run. It has been teased for months that Daredevil will die in this issue. Nobody really believes that it is comic books, but it is a nice tease. This issue as a whole and it is sad to say did not stick the landing. It had some good parts but by the end, I just had an “oh okay” reaction. I am not sure what the whole purpose of this was? The whole issue just seemed to flounder and not find a foothold. I do like what the last few pages set up as a mental state for Matt Murdock. That part was very interesting. Other than that the issue truly did not offer anything else.


I still have the same opinions from my review of issue #610 with Phil Noto. He is an incredible artist, but for me, he just does not fit this storyline or Daredevil as a character. The action-oriented scenes are very stiff and rigid; there is no flow or movement to them. You really want to see that in a character like Daredevil. The tension wasn’t built up that well visually either. In a story were Daredevil is supposed to die there really wasn’t a lot of apprehension or nervousness brought by the art or story for that matter.

That being said you can’t deny Noto’s talent either. He has some beautiful visuals in Daredevil #612. I love his work on this new villain The Vigil. Noto gives him a striking elegance and his soft colors work great on him. When characters are “still” then they look fantastic. He adds in some nice details and line work. 


Daredevil #612 was a big letdown for Charles Soule’s final issue. Marvel has already announced a new Daredevil series with Chip Zdarsky writing and Marco Chechetto on art. So, most of the issue I was thinking about how excited I was for that more than what happened in this issue. I like what the ending of Daredevil #612 sets up for that run and I am interested to see what the weekly mini-series The Man Without Fear! brings to the table.

Matt Murdock maybe dead (probably not) but if Daredevil #612 was his big sendoff then it is not a very good way to go for such a great hero. It is not the worst issue ever but with such a high mark to hit Daredevil #612 doesn’t come close to the board.

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