Review: DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #2


DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #2I love out of continuity stories, I just adore them.  They can go anywhere, do anything and when the story is over everything that happened never happened.  Series like DC Universe Legends Online and Injustice: Gods Among Us are completely irresistible to me because they happen outside continuity and anything can happen.  When DC Comics brought Masters of the Universe back I was excited.  I’ve been a fan of it since childhood and to see that universe again, outside the New 52 continuity it was a breath of fresh air for me.  So when I saw that there was a DC Universe/Masters of the Universe crossover, I was downright giddy with anticipation.  The first issue left me feeling ambivalent and a little let down, but I was willing to give it another shot when the second issue came out.  I am so glad that I did because I was truly impressed how DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #2 surpassed the first.

A little back story is in order because if you are not following He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, you could get lost rather quickly.  This crossover is maintaining its continuity with the MotU series which is getting more complicated with each new issue.  He-Man and his allies have defeated Skeletor, but before they can rest and enjoy the peace an even larger threat looms; Hordak.  With an army at his disposal Hordak is invading Eternia and even He-Man may not be able to stop him.  The only hope of defeating Hordak believe it or not is Skeletor.  That leads He-Man, Teela and Evil-Lyn to Earth to find their moral enemy.  On Earth they meet Madame Xanadu, John Constantine and another surprise guest, Adam’s mother who has been missing since the events of the MotU mini-series.  Madame Xanadu and Constantine agree to help them find Skeletor and this is when things take an unexpected turn.  Skeletor has found the Justice League’s Watchtower and in true bad guy fashion, attacks them.  Batman manages to teleport out to the Batcave where he finds Constantine and the Eternians waiting.  Before explanations can be made the rest of the Justice League, now under the control of Skeletor find them and a battle outside Wayne Manor ensues.  A battle that pits Superman, the Man of Steel against He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.  Two titans of their respective worlds clash in a battle to the death. Who will survive?


“Your confidence is born out of ignorance, but I know all about you, “Super-Man.”  You have two weaknesses.  One of them is magic…and that makes you my plaything.  I require powerful minions in this realm, Woman-Of-Wonder.  You people will do nicely.”


DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #2As I mentioned before, I love these types of stories.  The mixture of these two universes is like a dream come true.  What I find so enjoyable about this issue is that it wasn’t as predictable as I thought it would be.  Scribes Keith Giffen and Tony Bedard didn’t take the predictable and obvious path with this story.  He managed to throw a very interested twist into the meeting of these groups of heroes of different worlds.  Where I found the first issue dragging and sluggishly prodding along was cut short in this second issue and we soon get to the action that was missing from the first.  What I enjoyed in this is that the action which takes up a good part of the book is not too overwhelming or complex that you have to slow down or re-read in order to catch everything.  The book moves along at a good pace and ends with one helluva cliffhanger.  Issue three can not get here soon enough.

I was honestly impressed with the art in this book which seems to be a lot better than it was in issue one.  The mixture of two such vastly different universes was done quite skillfully by Dexter Soy and Veronica Gandini.  Colors were rich and vibrant and the entire book was just a delight to read visually.  In fact I really had to look for something negative to say about this book just so I would not seem like such an annoying fanboy.  That being said, I will briefly get to the negative stuff.

In a rather tiny nutshell, the one thing I found disagreeable about this good was the inclusion of John Constantine.  I have never been much of a Constantine fan and the very miserable attempt at a movie left me with an even more sour taste in my mouth for the character.  I do understand his purpose in the story and it all seems fitting, I just do not care for his presence.  There is some amusing banter between him and Batman, but you had to expect that.  It is probably too much to expect for me to ask for his death in the next issue.  Hey, it is out of continuity so who cares if he gets wasted?





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