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DCEASED: Unkillables #2
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DCEASED: Unkillables #2

Writer: Tom Taylor

Pencils: Karl Mostert

Inkers: Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards, Karl Mostert

Colorist: Rex Lokus

Letterer: Saida Temofonte

Maturity Rating: Teen +

Publisher: DC Comics

Release: March 18, 2020

As our heroes are held up protecting orphans our villains set up a new plan. With the other heroes leaving Earth and time running out how will either of them survive?


No Time to Die in DCEASED: Unkillables #2

Look, I am not going to go into a long diatribe of the nuances of what is happening right now in the real world and what is happening in this book. I am sure tons of people will do that and I frankly don’t want to focus on it. So, let’s get into DCEASED: Unkillables #2. Previously we learned the Vandal Savage was getting together a very special group of villains. Deathstroke and his daughter, Solomon Grundy, Mirror Master, and others. His Anti-Suicide Squad he has put together all have a specific purpose, some of them immune to the anti-life virus, but how and why are the questions he looks to answer?

DCEASED: Unkillables #2 (DC Comics) main cover by Howard Porter
DCEASED: Unkillables #2 (DC Comics) main cover by Howard Porter

We also have a few heroes left as well Cassandra Cain, Jason Todd and Commissioner Gordon have made a base in an orphanage protecting some children. With the heroes leaving Earth this small contingent is all that is left against the growing murderous hoards of the anti-life equation gathering at the gates. Something will bring these two groups together and it is not a “wondrous” occasion.


Tom Taylor does a lot of good things in DCEASED: Unkillables #2. The dialogue is sharp and fun. Balancing the seriousness of the series with some great comedic elements. What I am most impressed with is Taylor’s pacing of the series. With only one issue left he paces this second issue phenomenally well. 

DCEAESED: Unkillables #2 feels that great mid part of a horror movie. When things are happening but it is a little calmer until things ramp up again. Taylor does a great job of moving the plot along at the right speed to get us into the groove before shoving us into a new direction. Taylor uses the extra pages to let the reader get engulfed into this world.

As a reader, Taylor does a fantastic job of getting you into the world and the characters’ heads. He gets you attached to everyone superbly well, so when the chaos starts happening you do truly feel for some of the characters in such a short time.


The art in DCEASED: Unkillables #2 suffers from the same problems as the first issue. Which is not a surprise as it is the same art team with one less inker this time around. It still feels very inconsistent between pages and panels. The faces also just feel very off from the characters’ bodies at times, they just don’t look “proper”.

Not saying that there are not some high points. I love Karl Mostert‘s layouts for this issue. He uses some “simple” panel structure to tell the story. That pacing again is caught superbly well by Mostert’s layout of the issue. He knows how to slow down and speed up the story as needed and it is a great visual storytelling tool.

There are some great action and comedic sequences that are caught well. There is a fantastic feel of movement and energy across the pages. Just again characters and pages just feel inconsistent. Sometimes everything looks great other times everything just feels off. You can tell when Trevor Scott or Neil Edwards are inking.

Rex Lokus does do some interesting coloring work. Lokus adds a bit to that serious yet fun tone of the series well. It has this brightness to it but at the same time is dark and dreary.


Much like the first issue DCEASED: Unkillables #2 has a lot to love about it, just the art continues just to be a little too inconsistent. I mean I still enjoyed the heck out of reading it and I am on-board until the end. It is just at times the art took me a bit out of what was happening on the pages at times. It does not completely ruin anything and it is still a good sequential storytelling with panel structure layouts and some fun sequences, it could just be a tad bit better at times.

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