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Dead End Kids #3
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Writer: Frank Gogol
Artist: Nenad Cviticanin
Letterer: Sean Rinehart
Publisher: Source Point Press
Maturity Rating: not rated
Release Date: September 25th, 2019

Dead End Kids #3 concludes the dramatic and dark series. The tale of these misfit teens is given the ending it truly deserves.


The End Is Here in Dead End Kids #3

The massively emotional series comes to an end with Dead End Kids #3. The series up until now has been full of drama and impacts, leaving fans unsure of what to expect from the finale. It will likely not surprise fans to hear that the conclusion is just as dark and enchanting as the rest of the series.

Dead End Kids is set in the ’90s, and follows a group of very unlucky kids. And I really do mean that. None of their lives were perfect before the start of the series, but things seem to only get worse as time goes on. The tone of the series has been dark from the start—taking the name into something much more literal than you typically see. Yet it’s held our attention to the end—and will likely leave readers sad to see it go.


Dead End Kids #3 (Source Point Press) cover by Nenad Cviticanin
Dead End Kids #3 (Source Point Press) cover by Nenad Cviticanin

Like the two predecessors, Dead End Kids #3 starts out on a dark note. To be honest, it really does suit the series perfectly. But this is the promised and foreshadowed conclusion—meaning that it had to top the other introductions.

Dead End Kids #3 was written by Frank Gogol, and his tale was as enchanting as it was disturbing. Our misfit teens have not had a good run of luck, but at least we know the truth about what was happening to them, thanks to this conclusion.

This issue had a lot of twists and turns included within the pages. Having it take place at two points in time helped to obfuscate the truth of what was happening as well. It was all very nicely done, and will keep readers going right through to the end. More than that, it’ll leave readers thinking when it is all said and done. What more could you possibly ask for?


Dead End Kids has a very distinct art style that is absolutely perfect for the story being told. And thankfully, that art style returned for the third and final issue in the series. The style perfectly fits the time period of the series itself, while also having a huge amount of personality thrown into the mix.

Dead End Kids #3 was illustrated and colored by Nenad Cviticanin. And they knocked it out of the park. This issue had a lot it had to show, and not just because it was the finale. On top of everything else going on, they had to make the differences in time clear.

Sean Rinehart provided the lettering for this issue, and their work tied the whole piece together. They helped bring the story to the forefront through their subtle manipulations.


Dead End Kids #3 was the conclusion that all series deserves. It tied up everything, but not in the stereotypical neat little bow. That’s too clean for this series. But what we were given is exactly the sort of ending we needed to see, in many ways.

In a way, it’s almost sad to see Dead End Kids get wrapped up. Though of course, I’m happy to see that it got the conclusion it deserved. If we’re really lucky we’ll see this creative team move forward with new and different ideas.

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