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Dead Moon by Peter Clines

By: Peter Clines
Narrated by: Ray Porter
Series: Threshold Series, Book 3
Length: 11 hrs and 23 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 14-02-19
Language: English
Publisher: Audible Studios


In the year 2243, the Moon belongs to the dead.

The largest graveyard in the solar system, it was the perfect solution to the overcrowding and environmental problems that had plagued mankind for centuries. And the perfect place for Cali Washington to run away from her past.

But when a mysterious meteor crashes into one of the Moon’s cemeteries, Cali and her fellow Caretakers find themselves surrounded by a terrifying enemy force that outnumbers them more than a thousand to one. An enemy not hindered by the lack of air or warmth or sustenance.

An enemy that is already dead.

Now Cali and her compatriots must fight to survive. Because if they don’t, everyone on the Moon may be joining the dead.

And maybe everyone on Earth, too….


Dead Moon & Space Zombies


Well, what else is there to say! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m mildly obsessed with zombies so when Audible sent us an advance copy to review I was all over it. And although I haven’t looked into the Threshold series I thought I would dive in the deep end. 

An environmental plague has caused havoc on the moon as we follow Cali Washington and her fellow caretakers as they fight to survive. 


Ray Porter is a well-known actor and as it happens, an audiobook narrator. And I have to say his narration of this was absolutely on point. He has narrated a few of the Threshold series so it makes sense that he narrated the newest in the series.

Considering readers or listeners, in this case, may be familiar with the characters in this series; Porter really does them justice. I found that even when narrating from the female characters’ point of view it didn’t matter. I was still engrossed in the audible experience and his voice really translates well here. A lot of the time when I listen to audiobooks a lot of the accents or vocal ticks are overdone, or not done, or just plain awful. However, this is definitely not the case here. Porter seamlessly moves from one accent to another, from one character to another and honestly, I couldn’t distinguish where he was from at one point. Later, I found out that’s he’s from New York.

Although I haven’t heard anything he’s done before I will make it a point to in the future. And it’s no surprise that he’s been nominated for a number for Audie awards!


As I mentioned, I’m a massive zombie fan. Particularly zombie literature or what I call z-lit (not sure if this is a thing…let’s make it a thing!). So, on one hand, it was clear I was going to enjoy this. On the other hand, though I found that at times the story was somewhat predictable…except for the fact that it all takes place on the moon! 

Dead Moon has a unique vibe and while it might be easy for it to fall into a similar trope to some other alien space thrillers, the fact that the moon is a massive cemetery really sets it apart. And it genuinely didn’t become boring for me, a lot of action and some really exciting developments.

I was wary of coming into this book have not read the series before. I needn’t have worried. The story deviates far enough away for anyone unfamiliar with the Threshold series to enjoy this. And I still found myself rooting for the characters. 


Dead Moon is definitely a recommend for me! For anyone that just wants an exciting space adventure with the moon-walking dead…(I know) then definitely check this out. Similarly, those who like a good zombie horror may also enjoy this. There’s plenty of action, tension and horror to get stuck into. And if for no other reason, listen to this for Ray Porter!

Let us know what you think below – will you be checking this out? Would you like us to review more Audible Exclusives or Audiobooks?

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