Review – Dead Space by Kali Wallace

Dead Space by Kali Wallace

Book Title: Dead Space

Book Description: An investigator must solve a brutal murder on a claustrophobic asteroid mine in this tense science fiction thriller from the author of Salvation Day. Hester Marley used to have a plan for her life. But when a catastrophic attack left her injured, indebted, and stranded far from home, she was forced to take a dead-end security job with a powerful mining company in the asteroid belt. Now she spends her days investigating petty crimes to help her employer maximize its profits. She's surprised to hear from an old friend and fellow victim of the terrorist attack that ruined her life--and that surprise quickly turns to suspicion when he claims to have discovered something shocking about their shared history and the tragedy that neither of them can leave behind. Before Hester can learn more, her friend is violently murdered at a remote asteroid mine. Hester joins the investigation to find the truth, both about her friend's death and the information he believed he had uncovered. But catching a killer is only the beginning of Hester's worries, and she soon realizes that everything she learns about her friend, his fellow miners, and the outpost they call home brings her closer to revealing secrets that very powerful and very dangerous people would rather keep hidden in the depths of space.

Book Author: Kali Wallace

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Berkley Books

Publisher Logo:

Date published: March 2, 2021

Number Of Pages: 336

  • Writing - 9/10
  • Development - 10/10
  • Overall - 9.5/10


Dead Space is Kai Wallace’s latest novel, a thrilling and terrifying science fiction novel that forces one disillusioned woman to investigate the death of an old coworker—and friend.

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Dead Space: Best Science Fiction of 2021 (So Far)

Who else is obsessed with science fiction that provides both mystery and horror elements? Not just me? Fantastic. In that case, you’re going to want to check out Dead Space by Kali Wallace. It’s one of my favorite science fiction novels to drop in 2021.

Kali Wallace - Dead Space
Kali Wallace – Dead Space

There was a time when Hester Marley felt like she had control in her life. She had a project she loved to work on, coworkers she could rely on, and a passion for what she did. But that was all before the accident.

Now, she’s indebted to a company she doesn’t care in the slightest about, working a dead-end job that she barely tolerates, and feeling more than a little bit isolated by it all. Right up until she’s assigned to investigate the death of one of her old coworkers.


Dead Space is one of those novels that immediately sucked me in and wouldn’t let go. It was dark and chilling in all the right ways, and pulling in elements from space operas to help fill in the rest. It made the whole thriller and hunt down the murderer story feel all the more compelling.

Hester’s story is one of many plot points worth focusing on in this novel. Her backstory takes a while to fully unfold, and presents a mystery in itself. A mystery on top of the whole murder mystery at hand, that is.

The complexity of it all was delightfully refreshing, as were all of the twists and turns. Kali Wallace really used our expectations and assumptions to her advantage, creating a wholly different story from that.

The end result? A novel that kept me engaged right up until the end, as I still tried to see how it would all resolve. I also want to give major bonus points for all the representation that was in Dead Space.


As you might have guessed, there’s quite a lot of surprise, gore, and death inside Dead Space. The “murder mystery in space” element pretty much demands that, and several other subplots pop up that result in more action and violence along the way.

All of this worked to keep the pace going steadily onward. Hester’s investigation had the right balance of information and action, giving us enough reasons to care, while also pumping up the adrenaline on a regular basis.

Speaking of Hester, her character development moves forward in leaps and bounds over the course of this novel. It’s moved along by all of her backstory that is slowly revealed. All of this becomes reverent to the main plot, which in turn further developed the people and world (well, space) around her.

I won’t speak too much about the conclusion—because I don’t want to spoil it—but I will say that this has got to be one of the most satisfying endings I’ve read in quite some time. It fit the tone of the story (and main character) so perfectly.


Dead Space was a detailed, determined, and diverse read, one that blended many different science fiction elements together to create something both new and oddly familiar. It had strong horror tones as well, which I personally adored. In fact, I enjoyed this novel so much that I will be officially adding Kali Wallace to my list of “must-read” authors.

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