Review – Deadly Class #11

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Wes Craig

Colors: Lee Loughridge

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: 2/18/15


“Why is spite towards trailer folk the last safe refuse for hate speech?”


Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.50.40 PM

The kids at King’s Dominion are hard at work training to become cold-blooded killers. Unfortunately, or perhaps luckily, they’re not quite there yet. The psychotic redneck “Fuckface” and his band of PCP-addled savages? They are killers. They’ve stacked and mutilated bodies all over the city of San Francisco. So really, it doesn’t matter if Marcus and his friends are ready to pull the trigger or not; with Fuckface out for their blood, they’ll need to get ready.

In Deadly Class #11, Rick Remender drops readers into an all out war-zone. For days now, our teens have planned and plotted an attack; now it’s time to take the fight to Fuckface and kill him once and for all.

However, as this is an issue of Deadly Class, each and every facet of that plan immediately goes right to hell. What was planned as a well-orchestrated raid quickly devolves into a deadly close-quarters ambush. Locked in the burning remains of a run-down building, Marcus and company will have to fight off and kill a horde of murderous junkies in order to get out alive.

Capping off an already fantastic second arc, this issue encompasses everything that makes Deadly Class so great. Everything about this story, from the imploding love triangle to the eventual showdown with Fuckface, it all feels earned. Remender has been building up to these climactic events since issue #1 and he doesn’t let us down. We also get the added bonus of seeing the battle through three sets of eyes: Marcus, Maria, and Saya. Those three give of some of the best character development yet. And that’s what really gets me.

Remender manages to build incredible character development in the context of a non-stop, 24 page, kill-fest. That’s insane. Most comics or TV shows have to devote entire installments to slow things down and develop character. In Deadly Class, those small, insightful moments happen while a Mexican ballerina is shoving a pitchfork through somebodies throat. Is it horrendously graphic? Yes. Is it some of the most gripping work in comics? Also yes.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.42.21 AM

The writer also happens to benefit from the talents of the the Wes Craig/Lee Loughridge combination. Independently, these two great. Together? They’re unbelievable. It’s almost like they were meant to work with one another. These panels are like nothing I’ve ever scene; horrifying, realistic, humorous — and all at the same time. The panels set the pace and they don’t let up.

As this is the end of the second arc, there will be a two month hiatus until Deadly Class #12. You know what that means? If you’re not already reading this comic, you now have time to buy the previous issues and catch up. YAY!

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