Review – Deadly Class #2

Deadly Class #2Deadly Class # 2
Story by Rick Remender
Art by Wes Craig
Colors by Lee Loughridge
Rating 10/10

 The School of Deadly Arts was founded by the Chinese to train the oppressed in the deadly arts in hopes that they would shape a better world. But for the students themselves, it’s just a normal high school with deadly classmates. You have the CIA/ FBI kids, the Aryan Brotherhood babies, the Drug Money Cartel Kids, The Final World Order, the Japanese Gangsters and the Jersey Kings. Where will Marcus fit in? Maybe with the outcasts?

The curriculum is an interesting one as well Combat, Poisons, Psychology, everything needed to make a great assassin. And of course: AP Black Arts, where the best of the students prove themselves.

But are the students the only ones out there?

The Assassin Psychology class was pretty interesting. One of the outcast kids says “you can change the world with a bullet.” The other cliques are already in power so they don’t care and think they are entitled to the training and to the killing. The outcasts are there mainly for revenge, as is Marcus. But which is more likely to make a good assassin? Assassin Psychology says the more delusional the attacker, the less likely to succeed. I want to stick around to see that theory proven. And the idea that the lowest levels of society can get power by murder is one that has me contemplating society and the violence we experience everyday. I really like how the story seems serious, even when you see something funny from time to time. This isn’t the same-old story where the “high school for bad guys” exaggerates character personalities so they seem more likable. In Deadly Class they are just teenagers with lethal training.

The art is very good, love the coloring and the changes from dark to bright depending on the situation.

Deadly Class # 2, published by Image Comics, this is going to be a great series


Deadly Class #2



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