Review- Deadly Class # 4

Deadly Class # 4

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Wes Craig

Colorist: Lee Louhridge

Publisher: Image

Rating: 9/10

Driving mirror

The sweet bliss of youth and ignorance is making its grand appearance in Deathly Class # 4.  Marcus failed the test  and is sent to isolation, but his schoolmates have another idea. Drugs, murder, a road trip; everything goes when you are  in Kings Dominion School of the Deadly Arts.  Nothing could be darker and cooler in the assassins school than the class of ’91 breaking out a classmate from “detention” and going to Las Vegas for some unhealthy and destructive fun. Will this be just another school trip with one homicide? Or will the future killers encounter more trouble?

This issue is “fresher” than the others in a way. It shows more of the teenagers being teenagers, as opposed as just cold murderers. Still, it has the reality of what too much power can do to someone who is not ready to have it. I really liked the introduction where the reader is as lost as Marcus – before he remembers, and we officially start the issue. It makes the comic feel like TV series. One of the letters agrees with me in that this is a good tension-filled drama with that youthful vibe that networks love. And we get a hint of hyper-violence in the next issues, which would make it a good competitor against many of today’s popular shows, such as Walking Dead and Bates Motel.

Moreover, the dialogue does not sound forced: it is not too edgy and “hip”,  nor too proper and literary. It is the prefect mix so that it does not sound artificial as spoken by the mouths of educated youth.

In the art department the change of color palettes depending on the mood or tone of the page gets me even more into the story. The different perspectives, drawn within the same page, make the story more interesting, and makes the reader want to keep reading to know what really is going on, and what the big picture is. The addition of the sketches on the back pages is also a plus. It’s fun to see the difference between the raw pencil work and the finished, colored product, and it shows how much the color work contributes to the tone of a page or panel.

Deadly Class # 4 – it does seem things are going to get deadly serious.


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