Review- Deadly Class # 5

Writer- Co Creator: Rick Remender

Artist- Co Creator: Wes Craig

Colorist: Lee Loughridge

Letterer: Rus Wooton

Rating: 9/10

Remember how things would get dead serious? Well we had no idea how wrong an acid trip could go. Marcus’ brain just went haywire, talking about his parents, thinking he is dead, committing a murder. The bodies are piling up and not in the quiet assassin way. And we keep getting back to the assassin psychology class, “The more delusional the attacker, the less likely to succeed.” A messy job, the frenzy of escaping, the hallucinations, it is a pretty frantic issue.

a circle and marcus

 Deadly Class just got more violent, maybe to show that every decision we make has a repercussion. Rick Remender tells us in the “Dead Letter Office” section these are all almost true stories ( minus the murder school and the murder) It is interesting to know the beating portrayed in the comic book really occurred. He says the violence was not the same, but if you think of a boy being beat up at 1AM outside a movie theater because he looked at someone the wrong way, that’s more violence than is needed. Today we are not sensitive to violence, we accept it as normal and that is kind of sad. killing a dad

 This definitely is the part where they let kids know drugs are bad for them.  But it is awesomely written. Starting with the first panel you can feel the paranoia, the lack of judgement, the rapid and sometimes erratic movements, you feel the effects of acid and the anxiety Marcus is experiencing. The colors help with this acid trip. They change, from blues to reds to whites to yellows and they keep changing.  The art also helps to maintain the acid trip, the expressions on Marcus while he is high and on the others, you can see fear, hate, surprise, desperation. Also the fights ,everything seems stop motion and painful.


Deadly Class # 5 a violent acid trip, gone right.

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Anixa loves her dogs more than people and she reads too many comics to be normal. Lovecraftian, Star Wars fan, Ringer but a lil Tolkienist too, Batman manic, Gears of War addict , Borderlands 2 is her second home, Locke and key, Saga, Adventure Time, Futurama, all books and her dream is to be a Hogwarts teacher. She does has a life besides geekery but she prefers to stay in her bubble.

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