Review – Deadly Class # 7

  • Writer: Rick Rememder & Wes CraigDeadly Class # 7
  • Art: Wes Craig
  • Colors: Lee Loughridge
  • Letters: Rus Wooton
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Release Date: 9/17/2014

 The kids have arrived from Las Vegas a couple of months ago, no one talks about it. Maria is not in a good place, while Marcus seems to be better than ever, that is until he sees Saya, she is different and he notices. But with an unstable assassin girlfriend, can he really notice Saya even when she might be able to help them clean up the mess from Las Vegas? What is happening with the deadly class?

A diary is one of the most important things a teenager can have.  A place to hide feelings that cannot be said out loud. When a boy with a dark past and darker present like Marcus, who is training to be an assassin, writes in a diary, not a lot of pretty words show on the paper. The way the depression is described with honesty, no fillers or good adjectives “How can anyone love me when I can’t find a single reason to love myself?” The normal teenage angst mixed with kids that are learning to be cold-blooded but at the same time they are encouraged to have friends, but what does friendship means in a school full of the sons and daughters of mobsters, gang leaders and criminals.

Deadly Class # 7The art is as usual amazing and the details it brings to the story can be a little graphical but they help with the visualization of the cruel reality this comic is in. I really liked a panel where one of the students stops an arrow in mid-air. It’s a very fluid panel with expression and the coloring on it, its dark with the tattoos of the student popping out with color, it looks really good. They keep the same style as the other issues where the color palette of the panels change with the mood the story has, I will keep liking that style.

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