Review – Death or Glory #2 (Image Comics)

From Bad to Worse in Death or Glory #2

Glory thought she had it all figured out. Pull a heist on her ex-husband’s drug shipment, steal the money, drive away, go pay for her father’s medical expenses. If only Glory’s luck ran that way! The money got destroyed, the cops on her ex’s payroll recognized her and it turns out the cargo was not drugs but people! In Death or Glory #2 our hard-driving heroine has found herself in over her head. With her father still needing money and the wrong kind of people on her tail, Glory is going to have to pull out all the stops if she wants to survive!


Death or Glory #2 (Image Comics) cover A by Bengal
Cover A by Bengal

Rick Remender is giving me a little Quentin Tarantino Pulp Fiction type vibe in Death or Glory #2. The basic story is pretty straightforward. Glory needs money to save her father. She can drive good, tries a heist against her ex-husband and things go bad. It is all the weird things that happen in between the story that gives me this Pulp Fiction feel. The characters all have little odd quirks to them, the 1950s-ish fashion of Glory coupled with some just odd scenes that make you think “wait, what just happened?” All this combined gives me a similar feeling to that movie. I can’t spoil anything but there is one scene in particular that gave me that reaction; we will just call it the “pepper scene.”

Glory is turning into a very interesting character. Remender makes it hard not to like her as a character. She is tough but kind, stubborn yet endearing. Remender gives us enough about her to make us interested but there is still a lot of mystery to her character as well. I like the world Remender is building in this series as well. It is in a modern-world setting, but again with all these slight odd changes that make it feel like something completely different. From the way some characters dress to the way some cars are modeled, it just has some odd small things that give Death or Glory a different vibe.


The art in Death or Glory #2, by Bengal, continues to be mesmerizing. Bengal continues to do some great cartooning and the characters’ faces look fantastic. He continues to have this nice middle ground of being cartoony yet realistic at the same time. Everything is well detailed and brought to life and the characters have a “real-world” feel to them, yet he still puts in a little more animated flair to their faces that works extremely well. The colors are wonderful as well. The use of a brighter color scheme makes Death or Glory pop and it gives an odd sense of amusement to the more horror-oriented scenes that makes them more unsettling.

Death or Glory #2 also features my favorite letterer, Rus Wooton. His lettering is noticeable for all the right reasons. He gives the actions throughout Death or Glory #2 great detail and adds in that sense of movement to the pages. 


I am still a bit on the fence with the story in Death or Glory. At first, it is pretty straightforward, but then Remender packs it full of all kinds of weirdness. I am not sure what to make of it; the character of Glory is fantastic and Remender is doing some good work building her up. The art by Bengal continues to be a delightful treat that makes this series a wonder to look at. I guess all this combined makes for a pretty interesting book that has me and apparently many other people picking it up.

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