Review – Death or Glory #3 (Image Comics)

Back in the Saddle in Death or Glory #3

Glory Owen’s origin story is revealed in Death or Glory #3. We find out what happened to her parents and how they raised her on the road and apart from society. We learn how a little girl became a wrench monkey and champion race car driver. And we also learn how she fell for the wrong guy and got mixed up in all this trouble. That is the past and Glory still has a messy future to deal with. She has a new plan to steal money from her ex-husband, who seems to be in the business of human trafficking. She also has a partner now in Pablo, who is dead set on saving his sister and niece from these monsters. Can Glory set the wrongs right or will she die trying?


Death or Glory #3 (Image Comics) cover A by Bengal
Death or Glory #3 (Image Comics) cover A by Bengal

Rick Remender continues to pen an intriguing story with Death or Glory #3. I liked the framing for the first part of this issue. It was all flashbacks detailing Glory’s life up until now. The first 11 pages are framed with panels on the left side of the page and wording on the right side beside the panel. Remender details Glory’s parents’ lives and her life. The structure works well, with 5-6 smaller panels per page. It allows Remender to set the stage with his words and Bengal to detail the events with his art. These first 11 pages were probably my favorite part of Death or Glory #3. It let us get to know Glory a little better and it is nice to have a handle on where she came from.

Even though we do get more detail into Glory’s character I still feel like something is missing. I really liked her character when we met her in that first issue, but it seems she has lost some “flair,” something just feels like it is missing from here. The overall story in Death or Glory #3 is also not the most gripping thing. Maybe it is the lost connection with Glory, but again, the story as a whole feels like it is missing something.


I am still very much enjoying Bengal‘s art in Death or Glory #3. Bengal’s “animated” type styling continues to work supremely well and gives this series a stylistic vibe all of its own. It is a very dynamic style that the French artist employs. His European roots and heritage bring a different feeling to the pages of Death or Glory. It is more little things like characters with more “animated” facial expressions, with wide eyes or mouths open, giving an anime/manga impression to the characters. The panel structure or layouts with close-up face shots or some other tweaked angles. The brighter coloring works well with this series as well. There is almost a joyful hint or a glint of fun even in the darkest of settings or situation with Bengal’s coloring work. 

Rus Wooton continues to do some incredible lettering work. Not much to add from what I have already said about him. With little things here and there he adds so much to the story.


While I am still enjoying the artwork in Death or Glory #3, the story as a whole is starting to lose me. I feel like I missed something or something is missing from the story. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, exactly. As I read this issue I just had that nagging feeling that I had missed out on something from the story. Glory herself seems to have lost that uniqueness to her that was so prevalent in the first issue. Death or Glory #3 is not bad but it’s hovering in the middle of keeping my interest.

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