Review – Death or Glory #1 (Image Comics)

Hit The Road in Death or Glory #1

Glory has a plan—not much of a plan, but a plan. You see, her father did not teach her much except cars, driving and living on the outskirts of society. Now he is dying of cancer, and with no insurance and no money, there is not much of a choice of what Glory has to do next. It is not the best plan, but robbing mob bosses will either get her the money she needs or get her killed! She has three days to get the heist done, so it is time to hit the road and burn some rubber in Death or Glory #1.


Death or Glory #1 (Image Comics) cover A by Bengal
cover A by Bengal

Rick Remender kicks Death or Glory #1 off in high gear with a 40-page first issue. Remender does a good job of dumping the reader into the story and letting us figure out this world. Death or Glory #1 has this odd “cool” style to it that we will get more into the art section, but even Remender’s dialogue has this “hip” sense to it. Not that it uses a certain lingo or anything, it just has this feel to it. The story is a little loose in places and right now I am not 100% sold on it. It may take until the second issue but I am not overall attached to the character at the moment.

The general plot is a little “basic” and almost B-movie-ish. This is not a slight against the book or story. I personally love those types of stories. But it is also not world-changing or particularly gripping in Death or Glory #1. But it is a lot of fun. When the action does hit in the later stages of the issue Remender does a great job of letting artist Bengal take the wheel. And after that, the story starts to heat up!


French artist Bengal does some absolutely stunning work in Death or Glory #1. Bengal has a fantastic style where the characters look “real” or lifelike but also have this cartoony aspect to them. It works wonderfully well with the story. Bengal also gives everything this “retro” type feeling to it design wise. The cars and everything are modern, but the clothing choices and coloring (along with Remender’s dialogue) give Death or Glory #1 a unique feeling. The car chase scenes are exquisitely well done by Bengal; the final few pages deal with Glory attempting a heist and it is superbly laid out and drawn by Bengal. It catches that high-intensity feel and honestly by the end you feel like you need to catch your breath!

Death of Glory #1 also features my favorite letterer in comics: Rus Wooton. I loved the work he did on Extremity, so I was very excited to see his name on this series. Wooton’s lettering helps intensify everything; those car chases are amplified by a towering screech of the wheels, and subtle clicks of a briefcase or gun amp up the tension immensely.


Death or Glory #1 is a start to what seems like a high-octane romp. The story, while not gripping or anything special right now, feels like a very fun B-movie and having Bengal on art brings Death or Glory to another level. It is not life-changing or anything, but Death of Glory was truly an exciting read that was a lot of fun. It definitely has me hooked for the second issue on style points alone, and we will see where it goes from there! Until then, grab a helmet and hit the road!

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