Review – The Defenders #6

The Defenders #6

Fight for your right

We left off the last issue of The Defenders with Diamondback shooting the Black Cat and leaving her for dead! Well spoiler alert she is not dead (I know shocking) and in The Defenders #6 Black Cat and Diamondback go toe to toe, but with Diamondbacks power increase she is no match for him, that is until The Defenders show up. There is still a huge power struggle going on in New York City without Wilson Fisk “The Kingpin” being active, so Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have their hands full trying to keep all these criminals under control attempting to take his place. It is crazy out in the city and when things get crazy you have to call in your even crazier friends to help out and they do not come much loonier in the Marvel Universe than Deadpool!

The Defenders #6 Cover by David Marquez
Defenders #6 Cover by David Marquez

The Defenders #6 did kick off a “new” story arc “Kingpins of New York part 1” and the reason I put new in quotation marks is that it is still the same storyline that has been happening since issue #1. It still dealing with Diamondback and people trying to replace Wilson Fisk, it has been a good storyline, but it is starting to feel a little “long in the tooth” now after six issues. Bendis has done a good job of bringing these characters together and showcasing them, I would just like a different story now. Maybe even take a break from this storyline and have The Defenders do something else for a while and then come back to it, or have this unfolding in the background while something different is happening. I feel like there are a lot of stories you can tell with this group of heroes and I am ready to see something a little different story wise now.


David Marquez and Justin Ponsor saved The Defenders #6 for me because I can look at that art all day long! The fight between Black Cat and Diamondback is viscous and when The Defenders show up it just gets kicked up to 11! Daredevil and Iron Fist look amazing fighting together and I am not going to spoil anything, but Luke Cage gets to unleash on his old rival Diamondback and wow those pages are just awesome! Just all around fantastic detail and structure throughout The Defenders #6, it flows nicely from action to drama. There is a great courtroom scene that his made to be like a courtroom sketch and I had to double check to make sure another artist and colorist did not do it, it is some fantastic work.


The Defenders #6 is a solid issue while I am getting a little tired of the story there is a pretty good teaser at the end and the story did set up a great fight between The Defenders and Diamondback, really those pages are worth the price of admission alone. I am not really keen on Deadpool being introduced not sure why he is being brought in, but we will probably be seeing more of him in the next issue. It looks like we will be sticking with this “Kingpins of New York” storyline for at least a few more issues so hopefully, Bendis turns it around before it gets too stale.

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