Review – Dellec Vol. 2 #2 (Aspen Comics)

Dellec Vol. 2 #2 (Aspen Comics) cover B (detail) by Paolo Barrios
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Dellec Vol. 2 #2

Writers: Frank Mastromauro, Vince Hernandez

Artists: Andre Risso, Michael Sta. Maria

Colorist: Omi Remalante Jr.

Letterer: Micah Myers

Publisher: Aspen Comics

Maturity Rating: Mature

Release Date: October 17, 2018

In Dellec Vol. 2 #2, Dellec still doesn’t know why he’s back alive or even if this is the Earth that he knows. 

Dellec Vol. 2 #2 is Full of Fervor

Dellec Vol. 2 #2 is a book that has a lot going on. But the story will move along not being weighed down by the content and managing not to feel cluttered. The second issue in the second volume of the series sets the tone of the arc that will unfold in the following issues. Frank Mastromauro and Vince Hernandez are delivering this biblically infused epic with the fervor of wanting to get their story out.


Dellec Vol. 2 #2 (Aspen Comics) cover A by Micah Gunnell
Dellec Vol. 2 #2 (Aspen Comics)
cover A by Micah Gunnell

This book is my first introduction to Dellec. I never read the original series run, totaling 6 issues, when it started back in 2009. I haven’t read the preceding issue #1 for this volume. So I came at this book as one that I pulled from a long box in the back of my local comic shop. And I want more. Mastromauro and Hernandez’s work has me in excitement for the series.

The book follows Dellec, a man who has been given a second chance at life for reasons that even he is unsure of. Even missing the exposition last issue, the book is still written in a way in which the reader will not be lost. Dialogue between characters is scarce, so most information comes in the form of monologue. I personally enjoy it, as it cuts out the chance for exposition to come out in a clunky conversation.


The book is able to show the biblical powers at play while never giving too much of the story away. The authors give enough information to pique interest and then move on. It’s a refreshing pace to have in a comic; it moves the plot along so you can’t be bored as you flip through the issue. The story will move from a villain who claims to be the Hands of God, to a woman sucking the souls out of the innocent, to Dellec roaming the remains of what used to be his home. Mastromauro and Hernandez make sure none of these moments are dull.


The orchestration of the art works really well, making it difficult to even notice the transition from Andre Risso’s work to Michael Sta. Maria’s work back to Risso’s. It is good that the transition is unnoticeable because a move such as that can be jarring and pull the reader from the story. Thankfully that is not the case.

The character designs are also a standout in this book. Even the designs of the powerful antagonists are believable enough that you could see them walking down the street. And the looks of the possessed animals are fun. Well, fun in the way that if it weren’t for the glowing red eyes I would want one for a battle companion. My only gripe is the handling of the action scenes. The art seems to be zooming in on the characters in a way that makes it difficult to see what else is going on in the panel.


I’m glad that I am seeing this book with fresh eyes. When an individual issue in an ongoing series is able to not make you feel lost or ashamed for not knowing anything about the characters, it’s an amazing feeling. A feeling that can breathe new life into the passion for comics. Dellec Vol. 2 #2 was a book you should check out. If you’re like me, it will probably spark a need for more.

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