Review – Dial H for Hero #1 (DC Comics)

Dial H for Hero #1 (DC Comics) variant cover(detail) by Nick Derington
Dial H for Hero #1
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Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Joe Quinones
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: March 27, 2019

Miguel wields the power of the magical rotary phone. It grants him super powers for one hour. How will the teen wield his newfound power?


“Answer the Call” Dial H for Hero #1

Miguel has sought the same thrill after defying death and being saved by Superman as a kid. Now in his teenage years, Miguel is a thrill-seeker, willing to jump, ride or hurdle any obstacle to get that “high” in his life. But he still has to deal with his mundane day-to-day life. That changes when he meets a girl as reckless as he is and when a stunt goes wrong. A magic rotary phone appears to Miguel that instructs him to “Dial H for Hero”. What will Miguel do with this new found power and what consequences does it bring in Dial H for Hero #1?


Dial H For Hero #1 (DC Comics) main cover by Joe Quinones
Dial H For Hero #1 (DC Comics) main cover by Joe Quinones

Sam Humphries pens this “new” introduction to Dial H for Hero. I have always been intrigued by the title of this series, but throughout the years I have never actually read it until now. A new #1 issue felt like a good jumping-on point, so here we are. Humphries does a good job of introducing this new teenager, Miguel. He gets his story and attitude across pretty well in the first issue. Actually, Miguel’s story was my favorite part of the issue. Humphries does a super job of creating a very full and interesting character with Miguel and his story. I am not sure how interested I am in the rest of the story, though.

As I am not totally familiar with the whole Dial H for Hero lore, I was less intrigued with that whole story point. I guess it is kind of like Shazam!: you dial H on this phone and get a superpower or something like that? So, slight spoiler, but Miguel ends up dialing H on this magical phone and gets powers. He transforms into this ’90s-era superhero, which was a little funny, but since the “’90s rad/extreme era” thing gets played out so much it was more just kind of boring and head-scratching rather than really comical.

I think I would have liked Dial H for Hero #1 a little more if we just cut out the whole Dial H for Hero thing and it was a story about Miguel dealing with his life. That was the really interesting part of the story to me. But, then again, it wouldn’t be published by DC Comics and be called Dial H for Hero, I guess?


Joe Quinones delivers the art in Dial H for Hero #1. It is all-around solid art. I like the tight ink lines Quinones delivers; it makes his character work look great. I also enjoy his panel layouts and construction. He does some very cool layouts throughout the issue. From circular panels to playing around with different layouts and angles, it delivers a unique visual throughout the issue. 

The most impressive thing in Dial H for Hero #1 is when Miguel transforms into that “’90s-era hero” I was talking about earlier. Quinones completely switches his style to recreate that era of comic books. While I don’t think, story-wise, that part played out as humorous as it was meant to be, Quinones’ art does impress with how he completely just changes up his style.


For my first introduction to a Dial H for Hero story, honestly, I was not that impressed by Dial H for Hero #1. For a six-issue mini-series in the Wonder Comics line, that is not good. I mean, it is not terrible; it is a solid comic book, but nothing about it got me excited, either. Nothing makes me want to tell people to go pick up this issue or has me clamoring to pick up the second issue either. Maybe the second issue will pick up a little bit, but whether I’ll remember to check that out or not is anyone’s guess.

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