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Doctor Mirage #2
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Writer: Magdalene Visaggio
Artist: Nick Robles
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: Valiant
Maturity Rating: Not Rated
Release Date: September 25th, 2019

Doctor Mirage #2 merges the past and the present into one solid story, revealing the truth behind Mirage’s mission and the cost of it.


The Truth Will Out in Doctor Mirage #2

The first issue of Doctor Mirage brought us into a whole new plot—and world. Doctor Mirage #2 carried on that plot, while also taking the time to explain to us what on earth (or not) is going on. It’s a poignant reminder that even heroes like Mirage are not exempt from the consequences of their actions.

The last issue brought us a world in which Doctor Mirage was no longer seeing ghosts—and that includes the ghost of her late husband. And what a way to start a series, while also tugging at our heartstrings.

This issue changes the name of the game, but in ways that readers might not have expected. Though fans of Doctor Mirage (and her husband) will likely curious about the direction the series is heading.


Doctor Mirage #2 (Valliant Entertainment) cover art by Philip Tan
Doctor Mirage #2 (Valliant Entertainment) cover art by Philip Tan

Magdalene Visaggio was the author for Doctor Mirage #2, and after breaking our hearts in the first issue, she seemed content to finally give us some answers. After all, there is a lot of explaining that needs to be done. Mainly covering how Doctor Mirage ended up in this place, and why. Okay, the why is a fairly bigger deal, potentially.

Visaggio blended the past and the present into this single issue—moving the plot forward and backwards at the same time. In one continuity we were allowed to see how Doctor Mirage was moving forward to get out of the situation. In the other continuity, we’re starting to see how she got here in the first place.

There are still dozens of questions on my mind about this tale—but that’s not a bad thing. There are so many subtleties woven into this story that only time will tell which parts end up becoming something much larger.


Doctor Mirage #2 had two distinct art styles within the pages. One had the appearance of stability, while surrounded with vibrant accentuations. The other was utterly psychedelic. Coincidentally, these two styles also happen to be directly linked with a different point in time. It made the two points very easy to tell apart.

Both styles were striking to look at, though admittedly for different reasons. Though trust me when I say that neither were boring. They were far from it, in fact. The psychedelic artwork did an excellent job of rendering some of the more ephemeral elements of the plot, which is impressive.

Nick Robles was the lead artist for this issue, with Jordie Bellaire being the colorist. These two work wonderfully together, as evidenced in this issue. And finally, there was Dave Sharpe, who provided the lettering and foundation of the issue.


Doctor Mirage #2 read completely differently from the first issue, but that’s not a bad thing. The clever artwork and storytelling style allowed us to learn even more about the situation Mirage is in. Though it has perhaps left us with even more questions to be answered.

I’m honestly looking forward to the next issue in this series. Actually, I’m looking forward to all of the series—it’s been a fascinating read so far. And I know that it’ll stay that way.

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