Review – Doctor Who Fluxx

From Looney Lab Games, comes the latest version of their hit game, Doctor Who Fluxx. Travel through space and time with various regenerations of your favorite Doctor, who is sporting his best Gallifreyan accessories. Also joining the gameplay are the trusty companions, including K-9. Along the way, the Doctor will encounter his enemies while in the TARDIS. Cybermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels, and the Master will try to stop the Doctor from reaching the goal and winning the game.


Doctor Who Fluxx by Looney Labs

If you are familiar with Fluxx gameplay, you should be able to start playing immediately. And even if you are not, Fluxx is a game that is simple in concept so it is easy to teach, even to the non-gamers in the group. The best way to learn any version of Fluxx is to jump in feet-first.

The game starts with one rule: draw a card, play a card, match the goal to win. The goals are to have two or more Keepers in play in front of you. There are also bad cards, called Creepers, that prevent a win in some goal situations. There are new rules that change how cards are drawn and played from the deck, how many cards that can be held in your hand, or how many Keepers you may have. Some cards allow you to steal from other players, trade hands, or discard rules in play.

There is one thing that is certain: the rules are always changing.

The Good

Fluxx is fun, no matter the theme. Doctor Who Fluxx has a few new rules for seasoned Fluxx players to discover in this newest version. One of my favorites is the “Time Portal” card, which allows the player to look into “the Past” (the discard pile) or into “the Future” (the draw pile) and choose any non-Creeper card they wish. After revealing what they have selected, the player’s turn immediate ends. This is a very powerful card that can be a game winner if played right. But because they must reveal the card they chose to the other players, there is still a chance for their victory to be blocked.

I am also pleased to see all of the important characters from the TV series’ history represented, from K-9 to Captain Jack Harkness, to River Song and The Ponds. They also covered their bases with the new Doctor and future Doctors by including a “Future Doctor” card, which represents the highest number Doctor in play.

Doctor Who Fluxx - Doctor KeepersThe Bad

There really isn’t much negative that I can say about this game. Probably the only thing that lacks is the card art. And it’s not really that bad. All of the Doctors and Companions are identifiable, it’s just not the best artwork.

There is also a Doctor Who trademark on the back side of the cards. One thing about Fluxx is that different sets can be mixed together for extended gameplay. It’s not a huge issue of compatibility, but Fluxx purists may consider this a negative.

Final Thoughts

Doctor Who Fluxx is fantastic. Even for the gamer that already has a version of Fluxx in their collection, Doctor Who Fluxx still has a place on the shelf. This is also a gateway game for Doctor Who fans that might not normally be gamers. It would make a fantastic holiday gift for any Whovian on your list!

For more information on Doctor Who Fluxx, check out my gameplay video below and stay tuned for an unboxing video (coming soon) over on the Time to Play! YouTube channel.


Game Statistics

  • Release Date: Nov. 23, 2017
  • MSRP: $20.00
  • Playing Time: 5-30 minutes
  • Age Range: 8+
  • Player Count: 2-6

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