Review – Domino: Strays by Tristan Palmgren

Domino: Strays

Book Title: Domino: Strays

Book Description: “Marvel’s luck-wrangling supermercenary Domino fights her way into the corrupt heart of a conman’s cult, and her own dark past, in this no-holds-barred superhero novel. The job: infiltrate a Chicago conman’s cult compound and liberate some brainwashed twins. For former X-Force operative Domino, that’s a flat nope. She’s done with fanatics after rescuing her own brother from the super-soldier program “Project Armageddon” which she escaped from, never mind what happened with her mother. But she can’t get their plight out of her head. It’s a real pain in the ass, but she’s going to have go in… and with her probability-manipulating superpowers, she’ll do it in her own unique style. If she’s not careful, someone might call her a hero, and that’s a lot less fun.”

Book Author: Tristan Palmgren

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Aconyte

Publisher Logo:

Date published: October 6, 2020

Number Of Pages: 352

  • Writing - 9/10
  • Development - 8.25/10
  • Overall - 8.75/10


Domino: Strays is the first novel in the Marvel Heroines series, and it tells a compelling story about Domino, her past, and her present.

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A Heroine in Her Own Right – Domino: Strays

Domino has long been a beloved mutant, a fact that seemed more accurate than ever after her appearance in Deadpool 2. She’s done everything from starring in her own series to running with several different teams. Now, she’s getting a novel. That’s right, Domino: Strays is no graphic novel. It’s a full-length novel, focused on the one and only Domino. This is a tale of her past and present, of her powers and their cost. It’s also a story of who she is, and who she wants to be.

Tristan Palmgren - Domino: StraysIt all started with a case, as usual. Infiltrate a cult, and free two siblings before it was too late. Naturally, the job went sideways, and things ended up getting infinitely more complicated for Domino and her allies. At least this time around, she has allies.


Written by Tristan Palmgren, Domino: Strays is a compelling read, from start to finish. It’s a story perfect for longstanding fans of the character—while also welcoming in a new audience. As such, it covers her backstory, bringing new details to light (to keep things fresh).

The story is told largely in three points of time. Her time as a child, her present, and a nebulous point in between, which ties everything together. It’s actually wonderfully done, bringing elements of her past into her present, and turning it into a powerful story.

Domino is every bit the sassy merc that fans are hoping for. She doesn’t think twice about taking down the person in front of her, though she’s also gotten more stable over time, thanks to her friends and allies.

On that note, the novel does make a point of referencing series and moments from Domino’s time in the comic book world. It ties everything together with a neat little bow, while reminding us that her world is so much larger.


Thanks to the multiple timelines of this novel, Domino: Strays is an incredibly fast-paced read. Essentially, there’s always something going on within these pages, be it a flashback full of angst and pain, or Domino storming the castle (er, fortified building).

One thing that this novel does a wonderful job of: reminding readers that Domino is a human first, and a merc second. She makes mistakes, and she learns from them. She acts like she doesn’t feel, when the truth is anything but.

Likewise, the development (and experimentation surrounding) her powers is nicely done in this novel. Some parts were subtle, but honestly, that’s perfected suited to Domino’s ability, when you think about it.

The climax of Domino’s story is shockingly—and beautifully—emotional. It was powerful, brutal, and moving, all in one. Like Domino, the events in this novel are infinitely complex, with no right solution or answer.


Domino: Strays is absolutely worth the read, whether you’re a new fan, or have been a fan for years. Her story is always worth diving into, though perhaps I’m biased, being one of those older fans. Regardless, the story that unfolds here is profound, full of action, sass, and best friends. Really, what more could you possibly ask for?

Also, fun fact! Domino: Strays is the first of what will hopefully be many Marvel Heroines Novels. The next novel in the lineup is Rogue: Untouched, scheduled to release in early 2021. I have full intentions of reviewing that novel as well, so be sure to check back.

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