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Drifters #4
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Writer: Joshua Kasali

Artist: Sunkamni Akinboye

Colorist: Samuel Gbadebo

Maturity Rating: Teen

Release: December 26, 2018

Publisher: New Dawn Creatives


Dreads brings Theo across the lands to visit his family. Theo starts to learn more about this strange new place and how everything works in Drifters #4


“Sail Away” Drifters #4


So, Drifters is a story about a young, sickly 15-year-old kid named Theo. He lives with his uncle who, apparently, is some kind of scientist. Anyway, Theo gets transported to this weird world. The world has a fantasy/medieval times typesetting. There is magic and people have super abilities and such. Theo has some magical glowing tattoo and his parents are apparently from here, maybe? In Drifters #4 Theo has met up with these people called Drifters who are the best fighters in the land. One Drifter named Dreads wants to visit his family and Theo goes along with him. That is basically where this story picks up.


Example of art and panel layout from Drifters #3; image via Comixology

I feel what Joshua Kasali is going for with Drifters: orphaned kid, sickly, transported to a new world, he might be something special. It is a pretty common trope in fantasy storytelling, which isn’t a bad thing. The problem is it is not done that well. I feel like I am being a little mean but Drifters #4 was a slog to get through. I looked several times to see how many more pages I had to get through until the end. It is just not that interesting. The first two pages are an essay describing the past three issues. Which for the most part I like as it gets you familiar with the story. It just needed to be condensed and to the point. I guess you can say the same thing about Drifters #4.

The story feels very stretched out. Most of the issue is describing how the rules of this world and different laws and systems work. We probably do not need all of this detail given all at once. All of this feels like it could have been spread out, given here and there throughout other issues instead of being the bulk of this issue. 

The characters are not that interesting either. I mean, there are things that could be pulled out more in them but we spend so much time talking about other things that the characters really do not have time to develop in Drifters #4


The art in Drifters #4 doesn’t really wow either. It does seem to have improved from previous issues as the cover notes new art. The ink lines are a lot cleaner and straighter and there are a few good action sequences that are laid out well. But overall, it just has this “cookie cutter” type feel to it. It feels like the characters are from an older computer game. They are very stiff and rigid. It also lacks a lot of background detail to help bring the world to life.

It is not completely terrible, I mean the characters look like people and are recognizable. But Drifters #4 is not the most exciting thing to look at either. The faces are also very off as well. The way the mouths and eyes are positioned just look extremely odd in most panels and do not match the expressions the characters probably should be having in the story. Nothing about the art really stands out, it is just kind of there and that is about it.


I hate to be this harsh on an indie book, but I hold everything I review to the same standard whether it be an indie book or something from a larger publisher. The team here does have a snippet of something good in Drifters #4, but they focus too much on other things than on what could make this story more interesting. The art also needs a lot of work. While it seems to have improved from the previous issues, it needs more fluidity, detail, and sense of emotion for the story to truly start to shine. The team really needs to boil the story down to its essentials and basically cut the fat away to get to the good meat of the story.


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