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Dublin Comic Con Spring Edition


Word of the Nerd went International over the weekend with a trip to Dublin Comic Con. Now in its sixth year, the convention is entering into its ninth show. Word of the Nerd attending the convention on Saturday to check it out, and while I’ve been attending the con for a few years this year was my first year going to the Spring Edition. 

The Venue

Dublin Convention Centre has been the venue for the convention for a few years now. Known

Before the madness – Saturday morning at The Convention Centre

affectionally as the Dyson building due it’s striking resemblance to the famous vacuum cleaner. It’s very central and provides the perfect venue for a convention the size of Dublin Comic Con.

The venue was well laid out. The centre consisted of a trade hall, games room, artists alley, and a quiet room. There was a cosplay village for people to hang out. And staff at the ready should there be any cosplay emergencies. 

The artist’s alley, in particular, exhibited some fantastic talent, some great indie artists in books, comics, and crafts.  We have some serious talent in Ireland and there is no way I could possibly name them all here but I’ll definitely be reaching out for them so that you can get to know them!

Similarly, the panel rooms were well laid out. There were a few entrances and VIP attendees were able to get the best seats and making sure that there was enough left over. However, at times the seating vs doors (ie general attended couldn’t go through the main door but a side entrance which was closer to the VIP seats) didn’t make sense it worked out.  

Outside of the convention, the convention centre is in a great location. While there was food being served at the event, there are lots of shops, transport and restaurants in the area for every level of taste. 


James Marsters and Jason David Frank at Dublin Comic Con
James Marsters and Jason David Frank at Dublin Comic Con

Because I had a press pass, I was able to attend a press-only panel on Friday. The panel included Jason David Frank  (Green Power Ranger) and James Marsters (Spike) and really was a nice introduction to the con. In fact, the two men were gentlemen and were happy to meet with people after the panel for a few selfies. 

The other panel of note was Doug Jones’ Q&A which took place on Saturday. Jones had everyone captivated. He was animated and charming. He has a way with storytelling almost as magical as his roles in Star Trek Discovery as Saru or Hellboy as Abe Sapien. This was definitely a highlight for me. 

Unfortunately, there were too many things going on and I wasn’t able to go to any more panels on Saturday. But, if I’m lucky enough to go again in August then I’m going to correct that mistake!

A Busy Day

This was a very busy day. It was even hectic at times. Throughout the day there were lots of activities for all concerned. If you are into cosplay, VR gaming, retro gaming, panels, indie comics, and more everything was catered for. There was even a Hedwig! However, things might have been a little too hectic at times and possibly bordered on disorganized. Photoshoots was an issue that cropped up in particular. 

A possible reason for not getting to see everything was that I queued for quite a while in order to meet Jonathan Frakes and Doug Jones. This shouldn’t be a surprise; I’m a second generation nerd who lived on a healthy diet of Star Trek and grew up with Klingon almost as my second language so meeting both actors was a must on my to-do list. It’s also not surprising that both Frakes and Jones were two of the nicest people. Frakes just has booming energy that’s magnetic while Jones is warm and caring. I’m still buzzing!

The guests, for the most part, were fantastic additions to the convention and I look forward to the next con. 


A big draw to Dublin Comic Con is the Cosplay. The lobby of the convention centre holds a lot of the meet-ups. And there is some serious talent; which if you follow our Instagram you’ll be able to see. I’ve even a few Cosplay Spotlights planned featuring some cosplayers at the con. 

The cosplay village, as I mentioned was really well laid out. And there were some seriously experienced cosplayers at the ready to lend a hand. Unfortunately, a lot of the cosplay events took place on Sunday so I wasn’t able to see much more of the cosplay but again that’s something I’m going to focus on in August. 

Final Thoughts

My one lasting thought is that one day probably isn’t enough but sometimes you just got to make do! Dublin Comic Con has continued to grow and just as busy as always. However, don’t let the underlying mayhem distract you from talent, guests and activities. Make the most of it. 

In the meantime, I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s coming up in August! 


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