Review – Echo In Amethyst by Sharon Shinn (Audible Exclusive)

Echo in Amethyst Book 3
Echo In Amethyst

Book Title: Echo In Amethyst

Book Description: An Echo and an Original Lady Elyssa despises her echoes - the creatures who look just like her and copy her every move. But it’s only the echoes that mark her as a high noble, someone elite enough to marry the king’s youngest son, Jordan. She can’t get rid of the echoes, so instead she amuses herself by torturing them when no one is looking. But there’s something Elyssa doesn’t know: Her casual cruelty has brought one of the echoes to life. And this echo, Hope, is learning to think and speak and act on her own. And there’s something else Elyssa doesn’t know: Hope has witnessed her secret meetings with revolutionaries bent on starting a war and overthrowing the king. And Hope has made friends in high places - very high places.

Book Format: AudiobookFormat

Date published: 2019-03-21

  • Perfomance - 8/10
  • Story - 7/10
  • Overall - 7.5/10
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An Echo And An Original In Echo In Amethyst


Echo In Amethyst is the last in the Uncommon Echo Series; an Audible Exclusive Trilogy and we revisit a lot of the same ideas from the first two. 

We’re brought back to events from the first two books. We focus on Lady Elyssa and her echoes, who she despises. In her cruelty one of her echoes becomes sentient and we’re told the story from her view. 


Echo in Amethyst Book 3 In Uncommon Echos Series, An Audible Exclusive

As with the other audiobooks Emily Bauer provides the narration. And like the other instalments, it’s not hard to distinguish between the characters. I never really got tired of Bauer’s voice acting – she made the hours of listening much more enjoyable. Her performance just lends itself to this type of story. 

Saying this, and this is probably more to do with the story than the performance, I found that there was a certain repetitiveness to the developments. I’ll go more into this in the next section but I found that with this performance if I missed parts of the story due to distraction, I didn’t really “miss” anything as I could fill in the blanks based on the other books. Not sure if this is a pro or con so I’ll leave that up to people considering purchasing. 


Sharon Shinn makes it very easy to binge this. It is easy to grasp and not overly taxing on the brain while still being exciting enough to keep you entertained. Unfortunately, this is probably my least favorite of the series. 

Like with the other series, twists were somewhat predictable which is fine, I can overlook that if the overall story is fun. However, I found that I was having a bit of “romance fatigue” by how the romance developed in this book. It just felt too reminiscent of the other two and so I kind of caught myself wondering if it really was that necessary. 

I’m still trying to decide on other aspects of the story; by which I mean if they are strengths or weaknesses. Here we have yet another revisiting of the concepts of echoes. An echo becomes sentient which is the first of it’s kind. So if we’re looking at the series as a whole we have a short period of time and there are three unique and previously unknown instances of diversion from the norm. Perhaps this is as a result of the backstory of revolution, and if so then I can find that easier to work with. Or perhaps it’s just coincidental, and there I feel like it lacks a spark. 

The story, the concept and the development of the whole series are like nothing I’ve read/listened to before; so for that, there is definitely something to be said. 


Echo In Amethyst is a fine conclusion to a fun series. And it is a great listen if you’re a fan of historical fantasy. It’s not perfect but it’s very very strong and I’ll definitely be checking out Shinn’s work in the future. 

You can check out the reviews for the rest of the series here and check out  Uncommon Echo series on Audible today.

In the meantime thanks to the folks in Audible for sharing this series with us. 

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