Review – Echo In Emerald by Sharon Shinn (Audible Exclusive)

Echo in Emerald Book 2

Book Title: Echo In Emerald

Book Description: A Misfit and a Mystery In the royal city of Camarria, a street urchin named Chessie lives by her wits, always attended by her two faithful friends, Red and Scar. What no one realizes is that the “friends” are really echoes, creatures that look exactly like their originals but who possess no volition of their own. Echoes normally are only born to high nobles, and Chessie doesn’t want anyone to start asking questions about her past. So she’s developed the ability to move between bodies so rapidly that she can maintain the illusion that she and Red and Scar are three separate people. After someone tries to murder the crown prince, Chessie gets entangled in the investigation when she comes to the aid of Lord Dezmen, the high noble who’s trying to solve the crime. From the back alleys of Camarria to a society party to a rural province, they track down clues. Until one of those clues leads right back to Chessie.

Book Author: Sharon Shinn

Book Format: AudiobookFormat

Date published: 2019-03-21

  • Performance - 8.5/10
  • Story - 9/10
  • Overall - 9.5/10
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Misfit And Mystery In Echo In Emerald


Yesterday we looked at Echo In Onyx , the first Uncommon Echo Series; an Audible Exclusive Trilogy And this is a trilogy that’s just getting better and better with the second in the series Echo in Emerald.

The second in the trilogy focuses on Chessie, a character we were introduced to in Echo In Onyx. What we didn’t see in the first book is that there’s more to Chessie that meets the eye and her two “friends” are actually echos and not the same as any other echo we’ve seen thus far. 

Another murder and another mystery ensue. 


Echo in Emerald Book 2 In Uncommon Echos Series, An Audible Exclusive
Echo in Emerald Book 2 In Uncommon Echos Series, An Audible Exclusive

Once again, Emily Bauer provides the narration. And once again, she does a great job!
Echo in Emerald sees Bauer provide the main voice for Chessie, Red and Scar as it’s told from her point of view. Working with three characters in one, Bauer is able to differentiate between the original and her echos; who are as different as echoes can get!

She also revisits her role as Brianna at certain sections of the book which was nice and familiar. There were times in this listening that I thought using the same narrator would have been slightly problematic because I was so used to Brianna and Bauer being one and the same. But if that happened, it didn’t happen for long.

I enjoyed the pacing, maybe more than Echo in Onyx. The story unfolded at a good pace and I found myself captivated by the voice acting. It’s reminiscent of a bedtime story being read to you that you just want five more minutes… and then some!


Sharon Shinn has really created a binge-worthy series. If possible I enjoyed Echo in Onyx more than its predecessor. That may be because I’m revisiting old friends while making new ones. It might also be because the story is a new look at what was already unique. 

While some of the twists and character romances may have been somewhat predictable and almost too similar to Echo In Onyx it wasn’t as off-putting as I thought it would have been. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a “romance” trend in this genre and you can pretty much put your money on that there will be a romance but sometimes you just need that little bit of cutesy excitement before you are drawn back into the murder and mystery; which I will always prefer.


The second installment of the series holds up well to its prequel. And while there’s an element of predictability, there is enough contrast to make it a super listen. It’s always refreshing as well to have another focus, so it doesn’t feel like one particular characters’ storyline is being drawn out for the sake of three books.

Echo In Emerald and the rest of the Uncommon Echo series is available on Audible exclusive today so what are you waiting for? Don’t wait until June to get the print edition! If you get it, and I strongly suggest you do, let us know your thoughts down below. 

In the meantime thanks to the folks in Audible for sharing this series with us. Tomorrow we’ll conclude the series so stay tuned!

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