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Echo in Onyx
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Murder And Masquerades in Echo In Onyx


Echo In Onyx is the first in the Uncommon Echo Series; an Audible Exclusive Trilogy which is due for release today. And this is definitely a binge-worthy series!

Over the next three days, I’m going to be reviewing each installment. For now, let’s look at Echo In Onyx.

We follow Brianna as she starts her new job, being maid to Lady Marguerite and her echos; silent mirror images of the original. As they make their way to the Kingdom, disaster strikes and they embark on an adventure of deception with everything at stake.


Echo in Onyx Book 1 In Uncommon Echos Series, An Audible Exclusive
Echo in Onyx Book 1 In Uncommon Echos Series, An Audible Exclusive

Emily Bauer gives a great performance as the narrator. A very talented voice actor, her emotive voice and inflections really add to the story. 

As Brianna, Bauer conveys ambition, loyalty, and determination as she works to do the best for her loved ones. As Lady Marguerite, Bauer captures vulnerability, love, and innocence. This is a hard thing to do but Bauer does an excellent job. 

Bauer narrates the rest of the series, where the focus is on other characters, so it will be interesting to see how she does this without it resembling the previous characters. 

The general performance of the story is really well done and not once did I get bored. It was really well paced with equal parts romance and action which was performed beautifully by Bauer. 


The premise for this series is so unique that it’s hard not to get stuck into it. The idea of echos is something that I particularly found fascinating. It might be because I’m a twin and grew up with my own (not so silent) echo that dressed the same! Now that I think of it, I was the echo! 

Anyway existential crisis aside, this historical fantasy develops really well. The characters are three dimensional and there wasn’t just one character I was invested in; I was invested in all of them! Even the echos were developed in such a way that you can’t help but care about them. Their loyalty beyond their purpose was a particular stand out for me, particularly at the start of the perilous adventure. 

The world created is so descriptive, you could almost smell the flowers and capture the essence of the world she’s created. The Kingdom is particularly breathtaking and was almost nostalgic of a romanticized 18th century France.

Between the world, the characters and the uniqueness, Shinn has written an exemplary historical fantasy. 


Although this is only the first part of the series, this is an excellent introduction and definitely binge-worthy. And after that, I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of Shinn’s work. 

Everything works in Echo In Onyx and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the rest of the series. As mentioned before, the series is an Audible exclusive and available for download today. If you get it, and I strongly suggest you do, let us know your thoughts down below. 

In the meantime thanks to the folks in Audible for sharing this series with us. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next review!

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