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Empyre #4

Writers: Al Ewing and Dan Slott
Script: Al Ewing
Artist: Valerio Schiti
Colorist: Marte Gracia
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Maturity Rating: Teen 
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: August 5, 2020

Emperor Hulkling leads the Kree and Skrulls against the Cotati and a decisions looms that will change the events of Empyre. While the Black Panther tries to defend Wakanda, a shocking revelation changes the battlefield. 


Revelation Songs Empyre #4

Marvel Comics is halfway through their summer event series, “Empyre”. It has actually turned out, so far, to be pretty good and a fun series to follow. Empyre #4 brings us some shocking revelations and page-turns fans will not be expecting! Now, so far things have been pretty crazy with Emperor Hulkling bringing the age-old rivals, the Kree and Skrulls, together to fight the Cotati, a plant-like people once thought destroyed. 

Empyre #4 (Marvel Comics) variant cover by Tony Daniel
Empyre #4 (Marvel Comics) variant cover by Tony Daniel

The Cotati are looking at taking over Earth and destroying all animal life. Their leader, Quoi, has his eyes set on Wakanda; with its Vibranium soil, they can amplify their “death blossom” weapon, wiping out galaxies of animal life. The Avengers and Fantastic Four scatter, trying to stop this from happening. But with the Cotati seemingly innumerable around Earth, our heroes are quickly falling. Emperor Hulkling has to make a rash decision in Empyre #4.


Al Ewing and Dan Slott have been doing a solid job on this main Empyre storyline. I mean, you couldn’t ask for much more out of an “event” comic book. It has a huge storyline, all the major hitters from the Marvel Universe are involved, and it is actually a pretty gripping and engaging story to follow.

The main series actually feels like a Marvel’s Avengers movie. Just the pacing from issue to issue actually feels like a movie playing out on the comic book pages, which is a great feeling. There is a reason those movies make a billion dollars. There are some fantastic twists and turns in Empyre #4. I will remain spoiler-free, but if you are into this storyline you are going to want to be careful. A headline can have major spoilers for Empyre #4.

I like the way all the characters are written; some great dialogue in the issue. Ewing and Slott do a lovely job of bouncing us around to different characters and places, and balancing the story throughout. I won’t say everything is perfect but it feels like the “summer blockbuster” it needs to be.


Valerio Schiti is doing an incredible job in Empyre #4 and the rest of the series. Schiti has a ton of different characters and locations to detail throughout this issue and nails them all. Schiti is the kind of artist you want on an event series such as Empyre. Definitely has that certain “superhero” styling, which isn’t a put-down. But there is a certain aesthetic that comes to mind when you think “big, bombastic” superhero comic book, and Schiti can do that and more.

Schiti does a wonderful job of capturing these characters. They look heroic and strong, yet have some great detail. He also captures more intimate moments well. Just a great eye for detail, and he brings the reader into this world. Also, the pacing for the issue has to be credited to Schiti as well. From layouts to panel structure, the flow of Empyre #4 is done incredibly well.

Marte Gracia adds some delightful coloring work to Empyre #4, as well. Again, there are lots of characters and locations in Empyre #4, and Gracia captures them all phenomenally well. There is a great scene in Wakanda with the sun setting that Gracia paints perfectly. From the orange sun setting to the red sky, it is a beautiful page.


Empyre #4 and Empyre itself seems to be turning out to be a great Event Comic book. This is the first actual review I have done for the main series (I reviewed the Savage Avengers tie-in last week). I know I keep saying “event comic book” like it is something “lesser”. Just calling it what it is. It is Marvel’s big summer blockbuster in the comic book world. Nothing wrong with that. I am not going to tell you it’s the greatest comic I ever read, but I am also having a ton of fun reading it. 

It is fun and exciting. I get to see all the superhero characters I love interact. It is well written and the art is good. I mean, really not much else you can ask for in something like this. Now, it may not be everyone’s “cup of tea”. But, for what it is, it is turning out to be really good and something not to be missed out on.

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