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Writer: Ian Boothby
Artist: Gisele Lagace
Colorist: Pete Pantazis
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Editor: Branwyn Bigglestone
Production: Carey Hall
Publisher: Image Comics
Maturity Rating: Mature 17+
Release Date: November 21, 2018

The Exorsisters is a fun series with some darker tones and revelations thrown into the mix. It’s great for the fantasy lovers that also appreciate a healthy dose of humor.


Exorsisters #2 Has a Few Unexpected Dark Twists

Exorsisters #2 continues to explore and expound upon the revelation at the end of the first issue. It seems that nothing is exactly what it appears to be, the main characters included.


Exorsisters #2 (Image Comics) cover A by Gisele Lagace
Cover A by Gisele Lagace

Exorsisters is one of those series that can be easily underestimated. It looks all light and casual. But the truth is that there is quite a lot happening beneath the surface. In one issue alone they’ve made this fact very clear to us. This issue pushed that point ever further, telling us the horrors of the girls’ past.

Exorsisters #2 did a wonderful job building tension. Writer Ian Boothby took his time explaining and building up to the big reveal. This allowed the story to unfold in an almost natural way. It also let us fully grasp every implication of what was truly happening.

Most of the issue was dedicated to backstory, but it was all well worth it. The beginning of the issue, however, was a different story. It went back to the normal parts of their job. If you can call being an exorcist normal, that is. This part contains the lighter humor expected of it, as well as further showing us the brazen confidence of our duo.

As for the backstory itself, it was well done. There were some predictable points to it, but when it comes to demons and possession that sort of makes sense. Especially if they’re trying to use this story to teach us the rules at the same time, which appears to be the case. The predictability of some of the moments didn’t lessen the tension at all. If anything I’d say that knowing what was going to happen next made it all so much worse. After all, if we could see it coming, how on earth did the person the story was about not see it coming? There’s a reason we occasionally say that something is too good to be true.


There were several different color palettes used during this issue, and it was all to good effect. The plot at the beginning was present time, and closer to the day to day stuff the Exorsisters experience. Thus the color palette was fairly typical. The scenes following it were flashbacks, briefly cut in with moments of conversation in the present. The flashbacks had their own distinct colors, with either a reddish, teal, or yellow overlay over the panels. The choice to have the color palettes be so distinct allowed us to immediately know when they had transitioned from the present to the past, and back again.


The series has been really enjoyable so far. The mystery of who the twins really are has been solved, but there’s likely still so much more to their story. Exorsisters #2 even took the time to set up for the next plot, which is always appreciated. There is a chance that the series could become a freak of the week sort of thing, but as long as it stays humorous I’d be okay with that.

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