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What happens when you lose the one thing that defines you as a person? Will the quest for revenge for what was taken from you consume you and what will it make you become? These are the questions Daniel Warren Johnson is asking in Extremity #1 from Image Comics. Thea is a great artist, in fact, she is known throughout her clan as the greatest they have ever seen, it was the aspect of her life that defined her. That is until the Paznina clan attacked killing her mother and taking her right hand. Without her gift of drawing Thea is consumed with thoughts of revenge and brings that fire with her to the battlefield to quench it. With her father and sister leading her clan against the Paznina will she get the revenge she desires or more importantly will that make her whole again?

Extremity #1 cover
Extremity #1 cover

Extremity #1 Creative Team

Daniel Warren Johnson brings some great emotion into this story. From the backup letter, he reveals that this book is about confronting his worst fear of losing his ability to create and what would happen because of that. You can feel that emotion in his writing, as the character goes through this emotional turmoil of losing her defining aspect of her life. The story takes place on what seems like a different world but all the characters are human and the basic set up of post-apocalyptic/ future world is done nicely. Johnson does a great job of giving enough details as for the reader to know the basics of the world through visual cues and character dialogue without bogging down the book with too many details about this world. The only confusing part is that there are spaceships and flying vehicles, but a lot of characters use mid evil axes, swords, and other melee weapons while some use guns. Some people are dressed as knights with armor and some have more futuristic gear. It is going for a Mad Ma visual style that can be a little confusing story wise during the start, but it all pans out.


While the different weapons and clothing styling can be a  little confusing story wise at the beginning it works beautifully as a visual aspect of this book. Johnson does a great job with the wide variety of weapons and vehicles giving them good detail, making the visually stunning with flying vehicles and men with axes. The combat is brutally graphic and his rough art styling makes this dissolute world become fully fleshed out. Johnson not only does a terrific job in the big battle scene,s but the emotion he brings through characters faces is exceptionally well done and makes the emotional beats of the story hit that much harder. He does great panel/scene layouts that give the book a great sense of flow to it. Fat and brutal during the battle sequences and then slowing the panels down for the more dramatic scenes. Spicer on colors matches Johnson’s art perfectly, he gives a toned down, washed out color that ups the “Mad Max” feel to the Extremity world. 


Extremity #1 is a great start to this series, this first issue could honestly work well as a one shot story. The story and art are full of emotion from creator Daniel Warren Johnson confronting his own fears through the lenses of this otherworldly tale. The post-apocalyptic alien world is a visual feast for the eyes and gives a good setting for the story to unfold. Extremity #1 is an emotional story of losing what defines you and how that affects your life and how do you press on. Johnson does feed this first issue with emotion and intrigue giving the reader questions to ask themselves about what actually defines yourself and what happens when that changes?

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