Review – Extremity #11 (Skybound/Image Comics)

The End is Nigh in Extremity #11

By the end of Extremity #11, things are at a tipping point! In the previous issue, Thea’s father was leading his final assault to wipe out the Panznina for good and activated the beacon to unleash a monster unlike any other! Nobody truly knew what the beacon would unleash, only that it would bring a creature from the depths like no other.

Extremity #11 - Cover Art by Daniel Warren Johnson
Extremity #11 – Cover Art by Daniel Warren Johnson

Thea and Rollo are about to find out just what that beast is. While exploring some “lost” treasures, Shiloh begins to tremble and then morph into some horrific-type creature! His body grows into a horrendous beast and starts to climb to the surface. Realizing their father has activated the beacon and that Shiloh may destroy every living thing, they must once again join in the fight in Extremity #11.


Daniel Warren Johnson has done an incredible job these past 11 issues of developing these characters. It was deeply heart-wrenching to watch Shiloh turn into the thing he never wanted to be. It is also terrible to see Thea, Rollo, and the whole Essene clan get pulled back into this battle between the Rolo and Paznina clans. They were doing well peacefully and now have been pulled back into this bloody battle. This has definitely gotten me excited for the 12th and final issue, to see what happens when Thea confronts her father. There are so many emotions swirling around in this series, that I have no clue what Daniel Warren Johnson is going to pull out at the end.

While Johnson does a great job with the characters, Extremity is also extremely well-scripted also. He balances the drama and action well and builds up each issue perfectly. You truly never really know which way the story’s going to go, as Johnson does a masterful job of keeping the story engaging and a page-turner.


Daniel Warren Johnson has been recently posting some Gundam drawings and model kits he built on social media. As a big fan of the anime and model kits, this got me very excited. Well, a little spoiler warning for Extremity #11, we get some big robot action! I will not go into detail, but it is absolutely incredible what Johnson can do. His artwork is breathtaking, and the pages burst with energy and emotion. While the action is fast-paced and hard-hitting, Johnson never loses any detail and everything is clearly visible. Extremity #11 is a real visual treat; the creatures look fantastic and the panel layout amplifies this battle, while still keeping us emotionally attached to the characters.

Mike Spicer’s colors also continue to shine in Extremity #11. The oranges and reds really pop off the pages, while he throws in some blue coloration that really catches the eyes. Rus Wooton also continues to be my favorite letterer in comic books. Wooton adds that little detail that just brings the whole series together.


If you have read any of my reviews for this series, you will know it is my favorite comic book out right now. Every issue of Extremity has been an emotional trip filled with great characters, hard-hitting action, and some incredible artwork. I am excited and sad that this is the second to last issue. I am excited to see how Thea and Rollo’s story ends and also saddened that it may not be a happy ending. Extremity #11 brings Thea and Rollo to face their father who has been consumed with bloodlust and revenge, he may have brought about the destruction of the whole world in the process. Will peace ever be found, and what happens when you’ve lost everything that makes you whole?

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