Review – Extremity #6

Review – Extremity #6

Sweet Child of Mine

The battle between the Roto and Paznina has finally come to the fore front. In the previous issue, Thea’s father Jerome took control of Dag’s monster creatures of war in hopes to turn the tide against the Paznina in battle. Using Shiloh’s battery source Jerome was able to awaken these beasts. Thea’s brother Rollo and the decommissioned Shiloh after fleeing Jerome wrath have been captured by the Panzina battle ship coming in to attack the Paznina army. All-out war has broken out now between the Roto and Paznina when Thea has to make a decision between saving the Roto army and her brother things will never be the same again!


With each issue of Extremity, you have to take a deep breath before opening up and reading it, because you don’t know what kind of emotional roller coaster Daniel Warren Johnson is going to bring you on. When Extremity #6 opened with a big battle scene it was almost relieving, like “ahh a big bloody battle nothing to worry about!” Wrong it does not take long for Daniel Warren Johnson to once again start to put Thea through the wringer again. The decision she has to make in this Issue and its consequences are just heart breaking. Thea has been through so much and she keeps getting tested with each issue. Daniel Warren Johnson has done a fantastic job with all of these characters and I am really interested in where he is taking this story. There is a lot of action in this Issue and Johnson balances well with the emotional story arcs of the characters. Things are getting worse, but they eventually have to get better, right?


Daniel Warren Johnson continues to impress with not only his writing ability but also his drawing as well. As noted earlier this whole Issue is based around a giant battle between the Paznina and Roto clan. Johnson brings the fierceness of this war to life with each panel and page with great detail. The brutality and imagery he puts onto the pages really set the tone for Extremity #6. Mike Spicer matches the intensity of Johnson’s drawings with his colors. There is one scene in particular with a giant explosion on a ship, the colors are just magnificently done and you can feel the “heat” of the page. Rus Wooton on Letters should not be overlooked he adds a lot to this issue and series. There are a lot of ships, vehicles, creatures, guns, and bombs going off in this issue and Wooton makes sure every one of them is heard. Whether it is the humming of a skiffs engine, the booming explosion of a bomb or even a “flink” of Thea’s hand sword, he makes each motion, noise or action come to life with his lettering.


Extremity #6 is action packed and emotional story just like all the other previous issues. With this being the official halfway point of this series (Daniel Warren Johnson notes he has always planned for this to be a 12 issue series) Thea is challenged even more. What will be the repercussions for her actions on the battle field? Will she ever be the “Thea” she once was or is she forever changed? Extremity is as good as a comic book can get and with only six issues left will this whirlwind of violence and destruction ever end in Thea’s life?

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