Review – Extremity #8

Extremity #8

Love and Peace

In issue #7, Thea, her brother Rollo, and the decommissioned Shiloh crash-landed in the “Ancient Dark” lands. These lands are a long-forgotten place left uninhabited, as they were ravaged by wars and only monsters and beasts are fit to survive there. Or so we were told. Thea and Rollo were rescued and brought to a safe haven in the lands where Paznina and Rotto clans live peacefully together. Thea, reluctant at first to trust any Paznina, was struggling until she began to get to know the people.

In Extremity #8, Thea actually befriends some Paznina and starts coming to terms with her grief and anger against them. (Maybe this means she won’t turn out like her father did?) Rollo is still trying to fix Shiloh, but he is still missing his main battery. Luckily, the “Ancient Dark” is a treasure trove of old technology—the only problem is finding it. Shiloh has a plan to find the battery, but they must travel to a “cursed” part of the land and survival is not guaranteed. But there’s another problem—Annora of the Paznina is still hunting Thea, and she knows exactly where she is. Peace will not last long!

Extremity #8 Cover By Daniel Warren Johnson
Extremity #8 Cover By Daniel Warren Johnson

Extremity #8 is another fantastic issue by Daniel Warren Johnson. He has developed a world and a collection of characters wonderfully these past eight issues. And it is nice to see Thea given a little bit of peace (though it does not look like it will last)!

This issue was a fast read, but it also delivered a lot of story. I am not sure how Johnson packs so much punch into these pages, all the while making it a superb reading experience, but he does! Extremity #8 starts to build to the finale that is coming up in issue #12, and it is time to emotionally prepare yourself, because I am not sure where Johnson will take us with these characters we have grown to love.


Daniel Warren Johnson continues to impress us with his art with every single issue of Extremity. Whether it’s emotionally gripping panels and pages, or an all-out bloody battle, the art is just beautiful. In Extremity #8, Johnson throws in some more great “giant beast” creatures and as you can see from the cover, they are stunning. Johnson’s imagination is wonderful and I love all the strange, beautiful creatures he thinks of.

Furthermore, nobody does action quite like Johnson. The panel layouts and structure ramp up the pace and everything has this movement to it that you do not see every day in sequential art storytelling. The pace of the battles feels breakneck and it will have your heart racing.

Mike Spicer’s colors also continue to be wonderful and only enhance Johnson’s already magnificent work. It is a great credit to Spicer’s work as Johnson’s art looks fantastic when not colored; Spicer adds that detail that kicks it up to another level.

I also still love Rus Wooton’s lettering. It enhances the more action-oriented scenes greatly!


Extremity continues to be the best comic on the stands and Extremity #8 continues that trend. Daniel Warren Johnson packs each issue with great characters and has everything you want in a comic book. These characters he has built up since the first issue have really grown and, as a reader, you can connect with each and every one. I really cannot praise Extremity enough and it should be on everyone’s pull list!


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