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Fairlady #1
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Writer: Brian Schirmer
Artists: Marissa Louise & Claudia Balboni
Cover Artists: Marissa Louise & Claudia Balboni
Variant Cover Artist: Tula Lotay
Publisher: Image Comics
Maturity Rating: T
Release Date: April 10th, 2019

Fairlady #1 looks like it’s the start of a new action-filled series, which sounds about right coming from Image Comics.


Fairlady #1 Is the Start to a Glorious New Series

In a world that has been torn apart by war, we find a new series just beginning. So many epic fantasy series cover the war itself, while skipping over the aftermath entirely. Fairlady seeks to do the opposite—with its series starting at the end of the War of the Harshland. Fairlady #1 was a strong start to this new series. It introduces us to a world that has clearly seen better days, with desperate people and bounty hunters galore. That’s where Jenner Faulds comes in. She had participated in the war, and now she’s one part tower security and one part bounty hunter. That is, if the bounty hunters only bothered with the cases the police didn’t care for.

It’s worth noting that with this series you should read the opening page of the issue. It’s the one that is all text. It provides vital information to the characters and the world. I know this segment is sometimes skipped by readers, so I wanted to point it out.


Fairlady #1 (Image Comics) cover A by Claudia Balboni
Fairlady #1 (Image Comics) cover A by Claudia Balboni

Fairlady boasts a complex and potentially destructive world. The first issue does a fantastic job of showing us the status of the world at large, while also letting us see both sides of the issue (the desperate and those with money), though it’s clear which side we’re supposed to feel more sympathetic towards.

Fairlady #1 started right in the swing of things, so to speak. Brian Schirmer pulled a classic trick to start off his series. The issue actually begins with a scene that occurs later on, but it’s both comedic and exciting, so it caught our attention right away. Once our attention was held the series popped back to the actual beginning, giving us a chance to understand what let up to that moment.

This issue did well with establishing Jenner’s capabilities and past, though I think some work still needs to be done on getting us attached to her character. That will likely come with time though, as we have to remember how much ground was covered in this single issue.

The mystery that Jenner was working on was fascinating and was really the perfect excuse to highlight why Jenner chose this as her secondary job and, frankly, why she’s so good at it. It also provided us a chance to see the world itself, and how our main characters would handle a difficult situation.


The artwork in Fairlady #1 is bright and bold—just what I’ve come to expect from Image Comics. They don’t mind taking risks, but they also have a distinctive style they enjoy.

Marissa Louise and Claudia Balboni were the artists for this issue, including the primary cover. Their style is slightly more realistic than some, but at the same time not hyper-detailed. Their backgrounds are designed to avoid capturing our eyes. Instead, they let the swaths of color give us an idea of the backgrounds, choosing to focus on the characters on the pages. It leaves a strong and long-lasting impression of what is important, so I personally enjoy this style.


Fairlady #1 was a strong start to this new series. It still has a long way to go with the story, but I get the impression that we’re going to learn a lot more about our main characters, as well as the world at large.

This series looks like it’s going to be a fun blend of investigation/tracking and violence. Which makes sense for the life of a bounty hunter. What makes the series stand out is Jenner’s particular set of opinions and morals, something I think will get built on later.

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