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Falcon & Winter Soldier #1
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Falcon & Winter Soldier #1

Writer: Derek Landy
Artist: Federico Vicentini
Colorist: Matt Milla
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: February 26, 2020

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes team up to stop Hydra, but who is this new villain that is set to stop them and who is this new leader who wants to bring Hydra back?


“Danger Zone” Falcon & Winter Soldier #1


When a group of mercenaries tries to take out Bucky Barnes the “Winter Soldier” and a very special group of government agents are found dead things start adding up in Falcon & Winter Soldier #1. It seems someone wants to become the new leader of Hydra and they are dotting all their “I’s” and crossing all of their “t’s” with bullets and bloodshed. Sam Wilson “The Falcon” gets pulled on the case. Two former Captain America’s come together to solve the mystery, but what secrets does this new leader hold?


Falcon & Winter Soldier #1 Cover by DAN MORA

So, this series was a given with The Falcon and Winter Soldier television show set to debut on Disney+. As a big Captain America fan, I have always been around Sam and Buck. In some form throughout my comic book reading. From their times as partners with Steve Rogers till both got to wield the shield.

Derek Landy pens the series and he got off to a good start with me with having Bucky in the same house with his cat from the grossly underrated mini-series Winter SoldierI like that it has that connection to it. It also feels like it has another connection with that storyline with a new villain that I won’t spoil.

The book starts out strong but flounders a bit with the characters. Not to completely compare it with the movies and subsequent tv show. But one of the main draws for me in the show is the connection between the actors and how well they played off each other in their scenes together. It seems that this is missing in Falcon & Winter Soldier #1. The characters just don’t have that connection in the issue.

It also doesn’t help that things happen pretty fast in this issue. There wasn’t any really “settle” downtime for the characters. It starts off fast and does not let up much. Not that the story is bad, the time constraint and mystery are all fun. I think a little downtime and character build-up could have helped a bit.


Federico Vicentini handles the art duties in Falcon & Winter Soldier #1. All around it is some solid artwork throughout the issue. Besides the fact that the Falcons costume is absolutely terrible, but that is not Vicentini’s fault I don’t think anyone has made it look good.

Vicentini has a fun style that fits the book well. It seems a bit of mixture between sketchy and rough, yet clean-lined at the same time. It really excels in the action sequences and he fills up the issue with a wonderful sense of movement and impact as the characters kick, punch, shoot and jump across the pages. He adds that sense of the impact that those scenes need to feel true. 

Matt Milla brings a bit of brightness into the world of Falcon & Winter Soldier #1. Milla does well of matching his color sequencing to the story at hand, changing things up throughout the issue. He does a good job of mixing up his light and darkness, bringing out the tone of the scenes superbly well throughout.


Falcon & Winter Soldier #1 was a solid start to this five-issue mini-series, but it didn’t really blow my hair back either.  The story and set up are okay but failed to really bridge that connection between Sam and Bucky that this series really needs. The story itself seems like it needs just a bit more “cooking time” to get going. The art is again solid, working well within the story delivering some nice visuals through the issue.


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