Review – Falcon & Winter Soldier #2 (Marvel Comics)

Falcon & Winter Soldier #2 (Marvel Comics) cover (detail) by Dan Mora
Falcon & The Winter Soldier #2
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Falcon & The Winter Soldier #2

Writer: Derek Landy

Artist: Federico Vicentini

Colorist: Matt Milla

Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Maturity Rating: Teen

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release: March 25, 2020

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes got there butts handed to them by a kid named The Natural. To stop Hydra from reforming Sam and Bucky will have to find the Natural and stop him before this new leader starts to terrorize the world.



Down but Not Out in Falcon & Winter Soldier #2


Well, our heroes got their proverbial butts handed them to them by The Natural in the previous issue. It seems this “kid” is a big fan of them and Captain America, so he didn’t kill them. But he dropped some interesting information. With Zemo dead, a new leader is looking to resurrect Hydra that is why everyone at the anti-terrorist organization the O.F.U was targeted and killed. Now Sam and Bucky must pick themselves up and dust off for another round. Intel on the Hydra leader leads them to a high-speed train full of assassins. They are going to have to make it through all of them, cart by cart. Fists and feet are flying; swords are swinging, and guns-a-blazing in Falcon & Winter Soldier #2.  


Falcon & Winter Soldier #2 (Marvel Comics) cover by Dan Mora
Falcon & Winter Soldier #2 (Marvel Comics) Cover by Dan Mora

Falcon & Winter Soldier #2 (of 5) is a definite step up from the previous issue. Not that the last issue was bad, just that Derek Landy adds some spunk and fun to the book while delivering an exciting story to follow.  Now I don’t want my comic books to be exactly like the Marvel Movies but borrowing from them is never a bad thing. The relationship between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes the short time they are together in the movies is a delight and has me exciting for the show. Landy brings the snarkiness between the two into this issue.

The dialogue and little quips between the two are great. It seems Landy has found voices for both of them. They kind of mimic their movie counterparts which in this case is a good thing for both characters. It makes the issue a lot more fun to read. There is also this underlying un-easiness between both of them that I hope Landy delves into. Both being former sidekicks to Steve Rogers and both wielding the shield as Captain America, but them never really working together.

The plot also gets streamlined out in this issue. It feels a bit more fluid and direct. I feel like I have a better grip on what is going on in the series. Landy also adds in a nice twist to the story as well. It has me excited to see what comes next. I am kind of hoping this whole thing with the Natural plays a little bit into the previous Winter Soldier mini-series.


So, the big thing in Falcon & Winter Soldier #2 as noted on the cover is our heroes have to fight through eight train carts full of assassins. Federico Vicentini has some heavy lifting to do as they battle their way through. Vicentini handles this huge fight sequence magnificently well. As with the first issue he excels at showing movement and impact. You can feel each blow across the page as bones are broken, blood is spilled and teeth go flying. 

It is a fantastic set of pages as they make their way to the head of the train. I like that it shows our heroes as capable fighters after getting beat up so easily previously. Vicentini also starts to make the Falcons costume tolerable. He tones down those giant shoulder pads. It is still not great but he is doing his best. 

I love how Vicentini draws the characters’ faces; they are very animated and show a ton of emotion as well. It also gives me a clearer picture and “look” for Sam and Bucky, they are two characters when I close my eyes I couldn’t describe their faces, but Vicentini gives them descriptive looks.

Matt Milla as always is a beast of colorist. The pages look stunning throughout. He does a great job of matching the bit of a more rough texture look of the series.


I was excited about this series and glad that the 2nd issue picked up. Not that the first issue was bad but this issue brought what I was wanting from this series. The interaction between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes is excellent as they start this case. You get that bit of snarkiness from the films but there is also this un-easy bond between the two that I hope we get more into with the next issues. The art is excellent as once again Vicentini delivers some splendid action pieces in Falcon & Winter Soldier #2.

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