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Farmhand #6
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Writer: Rob Guillory
Artist: Rob Guillory
Colorist: Taylor Wells
Lettering: Kody Chamberlain
Release Date: March 20th, 2019
Publisher: Image Comics
Maturity Rating: Mature

Farmhand is back from its short hiatus, and it isn’t joking around. A new plot arc has been started, and things are really changing for Freetown in Farmhand #6.


Farmhand #6 Is Back and Ready for Action

After a short hiatus, Farmhand is back, and it isn’t kidding around. The situation is steadily becoming worse. They’re rapidly approaching the point where they just can’t pretend it’ll all be okay. What had once been considered a miracle is starting to look a lot more insidious to those that had benefitted from it. Farmhand #6 amps up all the tension that has been building in previous issues. It’s technically the start of a new plot arc, but the arc is formed off of what we’ve already been shown. It’s clear that Rob Guillory is building towards something major in this series.


Farmhand #6 (Image Comics) cover by Rob Guillory
Farmhand #6 (Image Comics) cover by Rob Guillory

Farmhand has been a fascinating series so far, blending human and plants into a creative—yet concerning—solution. Right from the start, there were hints that not everything was as it appeared. Darker notes were dropped here and there, but until this issue, it was easy for a lot of people to ignore the worst of it.

Farmhand #6 removed that luxury. Rob Guillory is making it clear that there is a lot going on behind the scenes. A lot of it is being concealed with technical jargon—both from us and the media. But I don’t think that’ll last forever. Especially not with all the complaints that are coming out.

It felt like there were two major plots building during this issue. The first one being the public issue—everything from how the town is reacting, to what the Mayor is up to, and how Andy is dealing with all of it. The other plot is more personal—family business, so to speak.

Both groups are coming to realize what is going on here, but at different levels. I think that the father is still very much in denial, though he’s by no means an innocent partner in this business. Guillory did a great job of showing how these two opposing truths can reside in one person.


Believe it or not, Rob Guillory is also the artist for this series. He does everything but the colors, which are provided by Taylor Wells. I really enjoy the style used for this series. It’s perfectly suited for the more organic elements in this series. It’s also in perfect juxtaposition to the darker nature hiding in the shadows.

The series isn’t afraid to leave out details, or show comical expressions on their characters. And that stays true for this Farmhand #6 as well. It gives the series a unique sort of personality to it. The more dramatic elements, where the experiments go wrong, are brilliantly done. They’re clearly organic in nature, yet very much a threat. You can easily tell all of that at a glance.


Farmhand #6 brought with it a new plot, but it’s tied in so well with the previous plot that it doesn’t really feel that way. It’s building upon everything we’ve been shown before, increasing the tension. We know that something is going to break, and soon. We just don’t know how it’s going to happen yet. Farmhand has been a truly unique and exciting read so far. It’s not afraid to be itself, and it really does stand out amongst the rest. It’s a blend of a lot of different tones and elements that seem contradictory, but end up being something quite fascinating.

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