Review – Farmhand #8 (Image Comics)

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Farmhand #8

Writer: Rob Guillory
Artist: Rob Guillory
Colorist: Taylor Wells
Lettering: Kody Chamberlain
Publisher: Image Comics
Released: May 15th, 2019

Maturity Rating: Mature

The truth that has lain hidden all these years is finally coming to light in Farmhand #8


Review – Farmhand #8 (Image Comics)


Farmhand has been an interesting series from the start, and it’s only gotten more so with the most recent issues. The series has been building up to something major for a while now, and we’re very near the point where it’ll all explode.

In Farmhand #8, we see several different writing techniques used. The series is making good use of dialogue, flashbacks, and fight scenes to move the story forward. The tension in this issue was palpable, but the cliffhanger of the last issue sort of led us to expect that much. It held up to expectations though.

I’m most excited about hitting this point in the plot because it means we’re finally at the point where we learn some more of the truth. And that means it’s time to learn if our theories are going to hold water.


Farmhand #8 (Image Comics)cover by Rob Guillory
Farmhand #8 (Image Comics)cover by Rob Guillory

Rob Guillory has done an amazing job with this series so far, and Farmhand #8 is no disappointment. The tension in the series has been in this fascinating pattern, sometimes increasing, and sometimes backing off. But even so, it never calmed down fully. The end result was a gradual build in tension while throwing in more interesting moments along the way.

The issue itself starts in a flashback, which is greatly appreciated. We needed to know more about the character introduced at the end of the last issue. The flashback bleeds into the present, but not to where the cliffhanger left off the last issue.

I’ll admit that I was pretty anxious to get back to the point we left off at in issue 7. But after having read this issue, I agree with the decision to not jump right to it. There were things were needed to learn first, and Guillory has proven that he has an innate sense for timing.

I did love how everything played out in this issue, as it all did actually tie back together in the end. It all added up to the fight scene that we knew was coming, increasing the impact tenfold. Of course, it was all followed by an unexpected twist, which may or may not be considered a cliffhanger by some. I personally view it as a transition for the next big reveal.


Rob Guillory is both the author and the artist of this series. It’s not something you see every day, but it really works for this series. Guillory’s unique style is perfect for the world he has created. Showing us this raw combination of fiber and viscera.

There were a few things that I loved about Farmhand #8 in particular. The design of the mystery man is one of them, of course. The derangement brought on by his situation is clear for all to see. And the interpretation of his implants was cleverly shown.

And of course, there were the actions scenes to look at. Those were interesting to see, as we haven’t seen a whole lot of actual fighting in this series (with a couple of exceptions).

Taylor Wells did the coloring for this issue, and his colors really do enhance the images. They’re bright and beautifully blended. I especially have been loving the transitions between plant and human, as there’s something so believable about it all (in a horrific way).


Farmhand #8 was everything I had hoped it would be. Actually, it was quite a bit more than that. I was curious about the stranger shown at the end of the last issue, but none of my guesses could have competed with the truth.

I’m looking forward to seeing what will be revealed in the next issue. Especially if the last page of this issue is anything to go by. I think we’re finally going to learn more about the secondary players in this twisted game…




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