Review – Fear Case #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

  • Writing - 8.5/10
  • Art - 8.5/10
  • Overall - 8.5/10

Fear Case #2

Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Tyler Jenkins
Colorist: Hilary Jenkins
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: March 3, 2021

Winters and Mitchum have come closer than anybody to solving the Fear Case, but with their time on the case running out, they pull out all the stops to solve this mystery.

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“Nothing to Fear” Fear Case #2

Secret Service Agents Mitchum and Winters are coming closer than anyone to solving the so-called “Fear Case”. New Agents all get a crack at the fabled mystery about a mysterious black case. Within three days you must pass it along to the person you hate the most in life. If you decide not to pass it along, or you foolishly open the case, you die and it goes to the person you love the most. The case may have been around for thousands of years. Mitchum and Winters have already experienced some gruesome deaths and mysterious circumstances that may or may not be related to the case. In Fear Case #2 the Agents come closer than anybody ever to solving “the fear case”.


Fear Case #2 (Dark Horse Comics) cover B by Laurence Campbell
Fear Case #2 (Dark Horse Comics) cover B by Laurence Campbell

Matt Kindt continues this occult/supernatural/mystery/thriller in Fear Case #2. Kindt has done an excellent job of getting this story going from the jump. From the first issue, he brought us right in. He got us into the heads of Mitchum and Winters while delving into this weird case.

Fear Case #2 brings us right back into the mix with Mitchum and Winters. Kindt continues to play the two perfectly off of each other. The partners have that good “odd couple” buddy-cop theme going, with Mitchum being the more “straight edge” detective agent and Winters being a little more into the fantastical and “out there” type theories. Like a Mulder and Scully X-Files type vibe—which, if you know me, you know I love.

Stating that, the series does feel like a solid X-Files episode. A little mystery, federal agency involvement, with supernatural thrown in. Fear Case #2 plays with the mix of the supernatural and natural worlds and delving between the two. Kindt also plays well with the “mind games” of the case, delving into Winter and Mitchum’s feelings and psyches, and how this oddball case is affecting them both.

All in all, Kindt has gotten me wrapped up in the story. If you think about it a little too much it loses some threads, but if you let the story flow it latches onto you.


Tyler Jenkins continues to paint a wonderful/horrific story in Fear Case #2. Over the years I have come to adore Tyler Jenkins’ style. His thick and textured line work. His characters are full of definition and descriptive features. It almost has this storybook-type feel to it, yet is very “real-worldly” at the same time.

Fear Case #2, much like the first issue, shows that Jenkins can deliver some horrifically shocking images, as well. I believe Jenkins’ style also lends to the more shocking nature of these visuals. His style feels a bit more soft and quaint, and it lulls you into a sense that nothing too graphic is going to happen. Then, when it does, it is superbly effective. While a more “detailed” realistic artist may pull out some more gruesome aspects of those scenes, Jenkins’ style makes the terrible “murders” or deaths all that much more terrifying.

Hilary Jenkins‘ coloring work also has a lot to play in with this. Her softer color palette plays in perfectly with Tyler’s art style. Hilary has this wonderful, soft, almost watercolor feel to the art. There is a fantastic scene in Fear Case #2 of the sun setting upon a farm house and fields. Hilary captures it perfectly with yellows, oranges, pinks, and whites. Just a stunningly captured scene. Her coloring work is truly icing on the cake.


Fear Case #2 throws us right back into the mix with Agents Mitchum and Winters. They are closer than anyone ever to solving the “Fear Case”. But their time on the case is running out, with less than 2 weeks to solve it. There is a reason they only let Agents stay on the “Fear Case” for only one year. It starts to mess with your mind. Mitchum and Winter are starting to realize that as they get closer and closer to it.

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