Review – Firebug (Image Comics)

The Fire Still Burns with the Volcano Goddess

If you liked the original Firebug story first printed in the Image Comics magazine Island, then you are in luck. The stories combine into a great graphic novel with all new story material! Firebug is full of fantasy, action, adventure and learning about oneself.

What does one do when they become a “god”? Do they fulfill the prophecy? Who do they listen to? How do they know if they will bring life or death? These are all questions Keegan must ask herself when she becomes the volcano goddess. Who does she protect and who does she trust? Will her power overtake her or will she learn to cope with it?


Firebug Cover by Tamra Bonvillain and Johnnie ChristmasThere is quite a lot going on in Firebug, from setting up the world and characters to getting the story started and flowing. Johnnie Christmas throws the reader right into the mix, introducing us to an ancient city and setting up the mythos of the world. The story fairly quickly introduces us to the volcano “goddess” story and about two cities and some forest people. It is a little overwhelming and confusing at first. Then, the story moves into I guess present day time and we are introduced to Keegan.

Her fanatical group wants to free the goddess and the story introduces us to The Cult of the Goddess all in one fell swoop. It is a lot to get your head around at the beginning and, at first, made me struggle to get into Firebug. I was not fully understanding what was happening and what was going on for sure.

Christmas clears up the story as it progresses, but I still do not feel like I have a total grasp of everything going on. I’m not saying I do not enjoy the story, as it is a rather enjoyable read. There is a good love story and revenge plot thrown into the mix. I do wish I had a little more context as to what was happening between all these factions and what exactly those wood creatures/people are.


Johnny Christmas gives the art in Firebug an almost “fluid” feel to it. The characters seem to melt and wave through the pages. They have an almost “wispy” quality to them. I love all the different designs and features Christmas plays with throughout the story. The different clothing presented throughout is vast. It seems like it flows from an almost ’80s punk rock feel at times and then turns to a fantasy world full of armor and robes.  The clothing and character designs are breathtaking and a real highlight of Firebug

The delightful wood creature designs also stand out as a high point for Firebug. They are visually striking and fun to look at. I do feel the art lacks a little “energy” to it at times. The images feel a little stagnate in some scenes and the action scenes lack energy. The colors by Tamra Bonvillain do help this though. Bonvillain does some beautiful work throughout Firebug. The colors work well with the elemental theme throughout the book. The flames are wonderfully rendered with reds, oranges, and yellows; while the blue water feels like it splashes off the pages!


Overall, I enjoyed my time in the Firebug universe. While a little confusing at times, it does settle down to tell a nice story with some great characters. The art, while not without its hiccups, does mesmerize and capture the essence of the story as well and Tamra Bonvillain stands out on colors. By the end, Firebug seems like a good start to a character that has many more stories to be told!

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