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Flash Forward #2
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Flash Forward #2

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Penciler: Brett Booth
Colorist: Luis Guerrero
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Cover Art: Doc Shaner
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: Teen
Release Date: October 16th, 2019

Wally is thrust into the Multiverse where he must aid an alternate version of Superman and the Justice League of America. Things work out well enough before more multiverses start to fall into chaos. 

Your Alternate World Awaits You in Flash Forward #2

Each of comics’ “Big Two” publishers have underlying stories which have helped to define their respective continuities. DC has gods that would be men, while Marvel has men that would be gods. Marvel has mutants; DC has crises. Love it or hate it, DC is defined by its multiverse; it’s formed the backbone of many of the best (and also probably the worst) stories that the company has produced. In Flash Forward #2 the writer uses this setting to tackle a problem in the Multiverse, with Wally West in the main role. Previously, we have seen how his actions in Heroes in Crisis have redefined how he sees himself as a hero. Being responsible for the deaths of some of his colleagues, he was willing to accept his fate. 

Contrary to his plans, though, he was drafted into the service of Tempus Fuginaut. Sent into the multiverse, at the end of the first issue he found himself aiding an alternate-reality Superman while still not knowing what was happening or even really what he was fighting. 


Flash Forward #2 (DC Comics) main cover by Evan Shaner
Flash Forward #2 (DC Comics) main cover by Evan Shaner

Scott Lobdell is one of the more consistent writers in the industry, but tackling the multiverse is a big task, nonetheless. There have been many great multiverse stories at DC. One of these was Flashpoint, which featured another Flash (Barry Allen) as the main character. That said, though, venturing into the multiverse can get really complicated, and really fast, if the writer doesn’t hold focus. In this issue that focus is maintained. Where the writing succeeds is by not taking on too much, and instead focusing on a smaller problem that Wally must face. There are also some nice moments in here, such as when Wally meets Linda, his wife from another reality. Another fun moment is when some alternate version of super teams show up about halfway through the issue. In all, the writing was well-handled here. 


The pencils are handled by Brett Booth, who produces a slick and effortless issue. There is a lot going on here, between the multiverse, action on Earth, one DC superhero team, and a mishmash of another superhero team, but the art doesn’t suffer from the differences in scale or inspiration. 

As a side note, the covers are great, but particularly the alternate cover from In-Hyuk Lee. 


Stories involving the DC multiverse have a tendency to be really good or really bad. Because of the nature of the stories, it makes the creative teams have to swing for the fences. This means that the readers either get to read a home run or a strike out. This series thus far has taken a different approach, instead focusing on the character development of Wally instead of worrying about cosmic threats and alternate realities. It succeeds with this approach by choosing a focus and sticking to it.  The multiverse has never seemed so easy. 

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